[Bastion] 5 units from Bianor

Bianor (one of Bastion former creators) gave me graphics of all 5 creatures made by him.
So I created DEFs for them and now share them.

So welcome,

Sekhmet Priestess/Sekhmet Avatar (level 4)

Anubis Fighter/Anubis Warrior/Anubis Avatar (level 7)

Units are not finished in Bianor vision (there are no effects on cast and no full teleport animaton for Anubises), but for me they are great even now.

PS Names are given by me :sunglasses:
Bianor Bastion creatures ready.zip (1.15 MB)

Ahh, finally you are talking sense! Good job :slight_smile:

Also Bianor suggested, that I also lay source graphics: so maybe someone will finish graphics of units (archive files are In Russian names).

Also there are some comments from Bianor about work on Bastion and these files (autotranslation):

“Sekhmet was originally assumed to be on the fifth level. The entire list of roughly like this:
1 - Servants / Slaves
2 - Scarab / Sacred scarabs
3 - Nomads / Desert Cavalry
4 - Archery / Bow Pharaoh (or Scorpion / Scorpion King - abandoned due to the complexity of modeling and animation)
5 - Priestess of Sekhmet / Embodiment of Sekhmet
6 - Notable Mummy / Royal Mummy
7 - Anubis
Then list repeatedly changed, for example cut mummies, although the second city with the support of the undead, though without necromancy was in my opinion an interesting thought. There was also the idea of ​​improving conventional mummies from the game to the municipal level, and the level of the desert nomads to the cavalry. Then on the sixth level had Amt, then elephants, then there were a lot of permutations, but the priestess to the last was on the fifth level of the human analogue of the zealots of the castle. However, long acquainted with the information may have hitched Sekhmet on the fourth level.
And it would make sense to put the resources themselves, can anyone still will draw special effects.”
source.7z (4.18 MB)

What the hell is Amt? I saw it on heroes3towns, but I have just stared at it and said ‘dafuq is this?’.
There is something called ‘heart eater’ in egyptian mythology which would actually fit well.
But well - it seems that no one is continuing the project, so it’s a bit too late for suggestions.

Some hybrid of lion and crocodile.
I think it’s fantasy of Bastion team, not something from Egyptian mythology

Amt wasn’t the Great Devour? The beast that consumes the heart and spirit of those who are unworthy to enter the Underworld after their Trial in the face of Osiris?