Basic installing guide

Having searched the forum for an install guide for a bit now I am wondering if I am missing it or if it’s in Russian?

If there is no guide could someone post one as a reply?

But right, it’s missing from latest release post. Will fix.

Thanks Warmonger, I have now downloaded my copy from GOG, it’s a fresh install.

I put VCMI .98 in the directory and ran VCMI_launcher

Installed In the wake of the gods and now the game is in Russian, I can’t seem to uninstall the mod and can’t change to english am I doing something wrong?

I was doing something wrong. The small triangle beside the names of some of the mods is in fact an arrow so you can click on it and see the sub mods.

What does VCMI take from WoG now? Do creature experience and commanders work without WoG? Because those are the only features from WoG that I know are included in VCMI. And they are just handled from a config file, unless that was changed recently.

Currently WoG is a mod for VCMI. Yes, commanders and stack experience are supported, but they are part of WoG mod. Other features are not used, however WoG contains a number of creatures and objects converted to our mod format.