AUR Builds

Hi there, not sure if good place for that post or not but I have a silly question.

I have been using VCMI on Android and on Windows laptop, now it is time to install it and work on it on my Archlinux PC but I have a following confusion.

Which package should I install to have the latest daily builds on ArchLinux? VCMI or VCMI-Git ? I tried both but both gives different errors while compiling. One with cmake and one with wrong version of boost library (it require older version somehow cannot stand new one). Plus VCMI-git is last modified on 10.09.2017, VCMI is 20.02.2018… seems like it’s been a while… which one is up-to date, why it’s dated year/two ago as last time modified and how to get it work :joy:

Thanks in advance

As I got older and less patient, I’m sometimes using Manjaro. I used the vcmi-git which probably is using same built process since 2017. It worked for me until a software update from Manjaro a few weeks ago which makes VCMI to get core dump, even after being recompiled/re-linked. But the build process managed by pamac worked without errors on the vcmi-git. The other one was giving errors which I couldn’t understand.

Please guys join the slack to talk with the devs more on-lined :slight_smile:

I probably wouldn’t mind to be of help with debugging and so on, except I may need some spoon-feeding because I don’t know how AUR build scripts work. I kinda prefer Manjaro over Mint, just a little bit but because of the VCMI issue I stay on Mint for the moment :smiley:

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