"atlantean city"

just a place to continue the topic which is currently clogging the topic for sharing ready made artwork
On a side note I had way too much chatting and nothing done these two days :D. I am not checking forums till I have something done :slight_smile:

Atlantean city :stuck_out_tongue:

All right town screen done lets see whats next :stuck_out_tongue:

Concept of the town looks really good.
But would be it only mermen and Sea Beasts?
H3 towns may have two or more races in each one (well castle is only humans and their pets)

And new terrain proposal: undersea - it’s part of underground flooded with sea, so to get here unhurted you need a submarine or water breathing like mermen have. (Normal ships in undersea hurts like whirpool but water-breathing creatures are immune to the effect).
Sinking effect is on dive and each turn begun undersea. Waterbreathing works on whirpools also.

It would give good defensive value to the town, as native terrain. Since city has a bubble inside defenders don’t sink whenever they are WB or not.
The shipyard in atlantis would give choice between bubled ship and submarine. There also will be a bubble spell temporary making normal ship a bubled ship. The spell work only undersea, will last a week or until going surface sea (what first). Bubble ship has same effects as submarine and is basically normal ship with bubble around.
Shipyard offering a bubble ship works like spell would be cast just after built. Spell can’t be cast on already bubbled ship. This limits make using higher price submarine somewhat efficient but not forcing attacker to actually have one.
Bubble voids before beggining of day, so using bubble as much as you can makes you sink a bit once each dive and each week. Water walking don’t work undersea until hero has navigation and contain only waterbreathing creatures (need both).

Since we have undersea as sea we need a land and definately not underground. So bubble forrest. It’s just undersea plants which naturally provide the bubbles. Each tree is terrain patch (like cursed grounds) with the unpassable but visitable tree at center and rest beeing reed type grass inside bubble. Bubble forest of course deny sinking while beeing inside. The tree inside is considered natural temple which need rest of day to pray. First pray (when you don’t own bubble spell) wastes all your mana to learn bubble spell, each further pray gives random encounter which is 50% nothing but text 10% random WoG curse, 10% -3 morale and -3 luck which is another type of curse, else something random positive.

Edit: sorry but I plainly don’t know which one topic of two it fits…

Sorry to burst your bubble (see what I did there :P) but project got abandoned b4 it started because I saw that haven town which is pretty similar so there is not much point to duplicate work.
On a side note this topic is pretty much just clogging the forums so it would be nice if it got deleted.

Outsane please don’t give up the city. You may consider another graphic for town view, and having mermen race seem interesting. Also on forum should be some kind of archive to just not delete a bit outdated thread which are not spam itself.

It’s a screen of Atlantis city already made :laughing:
And there are only 3-4 buildings, so it can’t be nothing more that Atlantis (place where creatures emerge from 1 star gate).

Haven is totally different. and it never will be officially released.
Just say it’s too much drawing work :sunglasses:

Is download available?