Asus Transformer

Hello everyone.

I can’t get into play with it, I don’t know why.

I have heroes3 complete and installed the lastest version of WoG. Then installed the VCMI in the tablet, then copied the files after running VCMI once, and when I try to run it again, it goes to a black screen and then crashed.

Also… does this board have anything to do with the Free heroes2? because I have also a problem with it. When I try to play, the screen goes black and nothing happens (using heroes 2 demo files) the only thing I can feel is the music, I hear the music but the app ends in the black screen and can’t do anything.

Is there anyway to solve this problem? I really want to play with my asus transformer!!

Kind regards.

Android? Visit this thread. In general, this port is not finished and may work or not. Moreover, it’s beyond scope of team members - all was done by a volunteer called Peyla. The best you can do is just to report a bug or to stalk him.

As to Heroes 2, we are definitelly separate projects based on contradictory assumptions. You need to visit their board for feedback.