AstralWizard Genie's Lamp for HOMM engine rewrite projects

There were many cool and highly rated wishes from the old AstralWizard web-site, many of which are still relevant today. There are quite a few which would fit in well for engine H2/H3 rewrite projects, another one that’s going well for H2 is fheroes2, which is worth checking out. :slight_smile: I think it would be great if some of AstralWizard web-site’s Genie’s Lamp wishes, that were highly rated by HOMM fans, make their way into this engine rewrite project for H3 or the fheroes2 engine rewrite for H2 (or both :wink:), and the AW has given me permission to share them for possible use in either or both projects. Thanks AW! :smiley:

So, [size=150]Here’s some cool AW web-site wishes![/size]

[size=84]Best regards.