Artist wanting to help

Hello there!
I’d like to introduce myself, most call me Dev online through im’s and voice. I love to play heroes on my alone time alongside doing various art projects. I’m still a developing artist and decided to branch out into pixel art with my love of heroes and have also tried animating my art. I would like to attempt to help the VCMI community because I feel like the project will make heroes 3 age a lot better and hopefully make it more comparable to current games. (Such as Dont starve and minecraft, they are modifiable and their graphics are easily changeable.)
Although I don’t have much programming knowledge and cannot aid with that, hopefully I can aid in other areas. At the moment I’m just toying around with animating my favorite heroes icons, although I’m unsure as to whether or not its possible to get such things working into the game or what files to move around, but I have learned to take things out of .Defs and I’ve made a signature using a Sprite.

I hope I can contribute to VCMI, I’ve been on other forums where there have been greeting boards for stuff like this, but I believe that my offering of help should suffice for this forum thread… hopefully.

I have read what needs to be done in terms of the What to do list but am unsure seeing as I haven’t played WoG as much as regular heroes, I do wog though so I will most likely visit it again
New menus project and graphics
New stack experience menu (forum thread)
New stack artifact dialog
Improved support for high resolutions
Auto-adjust resolution
Moddable menus
New players
More player color graphics
New menus
32-bit graphics
800 x 480 resolution

So if these are the things that need to be done, I’m not exactly sure on how to approach anything without a small description (except for the forum thread one of course)

I just need a push in the right direction and I can aid with VCMI Thank you.

Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

VCMI is not require WoG anymore and it’s can work without any of it features and it’s what I personally prefer for now.

About what can be done. I didn’t had time to read a lot of old topics and likely you can find many things here, but for me there is clearly demand to make VCMI standalone as much as possible. There is already high-resolution menu mod available, but even within in-game UI almost all graphics require H3 assets. So one of options to start with is design new modern UI that can be later implemented in code or as mod (once JSON or scripting implemented and will allow that).

If you mean work on some in-game assets (not UI) then it’s more tricky and here is my personal opinion on that:
]If VCMI ever going to have own assets they have to be created same way original H3 assets were created. So there have to be tons of 3D models, textures and high-quality rendering. Let’s say fair I don’t sure how real it is, but it’s only correct way to do that./:m]
]Also assets created for VCMI shouldn’t look like derivative work from H3 otherwise it’s not worth the effort./:m][/ul]
Other developers may have different opinions about that all of course.