[Artifacts] Heroes 4 artifact pack

Finally it’s out! Almost 100 artifacts ported from H4 to VCMI :slight_smile: Graphics made by Kuririn, mechanics by Warmonger.

Some artifacts are identical, some were andjusted to H3 balance and WoG mechanics, some of them are very original ideas.


Version 1.01:
Needs VCMI 0.92b or newer.

  • 50 hero artifacts, including 1 combined artifact
  • 46 commander artifacts


Installation: extract to your Mods/ folder. There should be two folders visible, one for hero artifacts, one for commander.


V1.02: VCMI 0.94 compatibility


- Fixed Arrow of Slaying
- Fixed Helm of Dispel
- Removed deprecated fields

V 1.00: first public release

Maybe you have mistaken?
There are 40 artefacts in each pack.
And there are errors in 2 artefacts,
and deprecated “priority” in both “mod.json”.
Seems like old pack released earlier.

You are right about priority, but not about artifact count - some config files contain multiple instances, check sprites folder instead :wink:

“range” must be replaced by “effectRange”

“addinfo” must be replaced by “addInfo”


Thanks, package updated. From now on packages will be all called the same to keep link active.

Version 1.02 updated to VCMI 0.94.

The link is down. :frowning:

Artifacts can be downloaded via Launcher.