ArchDevil does not "hate" ArchAngel

ArchDevil does not “hate” ArchAngel.
If I read the json correctly, both ArchDevil and Devil do hate Angel, twice. But none of them hates ArchAngel. … .json#L345

wow man, good job! That sneaked up, all the way to 0.98?! :open_mouth:
How did you notice it?

This bug is very old - from 11.04.2013. Will fix in a few minutes.

I found this bug while systematically skimming through all units. Wondered how many secrets are there in HoMM3 that I still don’t know of. Open code of VCMI allows me to do that.:slight_smile:

The 2 things I did not know was Trolglodites being immune to “death gaze” and Pikeman being immune to “charge bonus” of cavalry.

BTW, one more question: does VCMI currently miss Cyclops special ability? They should be able to attack castle walls by pointing at them, instead of a normal attack against enemy creatures. The json description of cyclops does not mention that.

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This ability comes from original CRTRAITS.txt config file, as well as many others.