Android version FAQ

This FAQ is no longer valid. See this topic instead

  1. VCMI was never officially released on android. Only Windows, Linux & Mac versions are supported.

2)You propably got unofficial android fork made by Pelya with is not supported by creators of VCMI.

  1. Android won’t be supported in foreseeable future because none of the VCMI developers are experienced in android development.

  2. Pelya’s fork is based on old version of VCMI and it is no longer updated. Most of the bugs present in Pelya’s fork are already fixed in official version of VCMI

  3. Here is a quote from Google Play app description you are using:

Nice explanation, now we just have to link to it instead of writing why we don’t support Andoid.

Ad 3) I’d rephrase it as ‘Android won’t be supported in foreseeable future because…’

This thread should be made sticky.

Warmonger, done

what i care is

will u support android some day?

oceanking7, saying anything beyond what is already said in this thread would be pure speculation.

Очень обидно… хочется норм версию для Андроид :frowning:

  1. Android won’t be supported in foreseeable future because none of the VCMI developers are experienced in android development.
    you cant add Pleya as a member of ur group and Do the full android version of VCMI???

We can but he doesn’t want to join us. He made a port and abandoned it.

Abandoned…? It doesn’t seem so as far as I can tell…

Pelya’s Github repository for Android VCMI has commits as new as 21 Feb. 2013.

Also, Pelya’s Sourceforge page says the code is now maintained by Gerhard Wolfgang Stein. So he’d probably be the person to ask about updates.

Thanks for info. But Mr. Stain does not upload new versions to Google play, unfortunately.

Probably we should look at SDL2 that is nearing it’s release. Second version has Android/iOS support so it wouldn’t be a pain to support official Android/iOS port.

The problem is not support for Android/iOS in particular libs but lack of maintainer (inside team) for that platforms.

My point was that currently supporting Android/iOS needs a lot efforts. With SDL2 it would be really much more easier and painless and maybe after such transition someone will be ready to maintain it.

IIRC main problems were some boost libraries (interprocess and maybe serialization) and unaligned access to memory. Last point is fixed in trunk (I have confirmation that VCMI works on ARM devices).

But I don’t remember any problems related to sdl. Moreover - there were commits to support compilation with SDL 2 in “compatibility mode”.

Hi All,

Just thought I would share the response from the Guy whom was working on Heroes 3 for Android.

This is a direct email I received from Gerd yesterday 09/06/13, he is willing to have a go at it again, it really would be great to get this up and running for Android -

*VCMI has a lot of issues, that is the reason why I have been holding back updates. Those issues need to be addressed first. The current release has a lot of problems.

I cannot tell you right now about the cause your experiencing but I’m pretty sure it is code related. I’m planning to give this another shoot and build a more recent version, hoping the developers fixed more bugs. They have been trying at least.

So far I can only tell, try to delete all the data of H3 and VCMI and reinstall everything. Free Heroes II is another project, pretty unrelated and makes less to no problems at all.


  • Gerd*

I think that this should be pinned not only in forums, but also on main page, since so many people (me included) have ended up on after searching for Heroes 3 for Android…

…In fact it took me a while to realise that this is NOT Android port, but new engine for Heroes, much like OTTD is a new engine for Transport Tycoon.

hope somebody can updated.