[Android] vcmi crashes when initiated


I have a slight problem running homm3 on my phone. Every time i run vcmi it crashes (the SDL logo is shown for a couple of seconds then it crashes). I copied everything from the game files on the pc. Must i install wog too or is it another problem?

My device is htc one x and my sys is android 4.2.2

Help apreciated!

Post “adb logcat” output after the game crashes.

In 0.96 crash is not appearing anymore on my device (I only experienced it in VCMI 6, not in any other versions available on Google Play). :slight_smile:

Edit: Only crashes when AI is trying to do something, but I don’t know what, I experienced crash one in second turn, once in 3rd month and 4th day, AI hero just was moving than stopped, move ahead, stop and game suddenly crashed, possible that something after that hero move caused the crash.
Saves.zip (809 KB)

I had same problem as @marcohtc on my kindle fire hdx, but now instead of just crashing it shows message " ‘Data’ not found. Are you sure you installed VCMI correctly?" and then crashes. I have deleted and reinstalled according to instructions many times to no success. Please help.

This happened to me only when Data folder of the GAME is missing, you need to copy and paste all Heroes 3 files of installed game to VCMI files and this message shouldn’t show up anymore.

BTW: Game is crashing to everyone after few turns, VCMI is unplayable ATM and still AI turns takes sometimes minutes to go.

And I’m really surprised how perfectly made up AI in Heroes 3 in VCMI is working unreasonable. Here’s the photo after some months played in game last how far one of AI player went:

ok so 0.96 it’s the ai that’s crashing it after a few turn, sometimes by turn 2 other by like a month or 2 later. I think it’s when they get stuck with no where to go. It was driving me crazy cause i’m here thinking my mods are causing this.

Where can it be found exactly xyz?