[Android] How to enter cheat codes

I am trying to use the win scenario cheat codeon the cage in the hand campaign level because I let all the liches escape without realizing I had to fight them. do they need to be entered in a certain screen or something because I’m typing “vcmisilmaril” in the main game screen and it just opens my spell book. I’m using an android tablet.

Or, if there is still a way to win the campaign can you tell me? Thanks for the awesome port of this great game!

You should be in the adventure map view and then press “Tab” key to trigger the console. The cheat-code you type should appear in the status bar (the bar where names of hovered objects usually appear).

OKay well I guess its the tb part that is confusing me because the only way for me to get a keyboard is to tap the icon in the upper left corner which brings up the android keyboard with no tab key on it. So if tab is the key then idk what to do.


I was able to enter the console via Swype keyboard(It has Tab button) by upper left corner icon->Tab-> OK, i was even able to write the cheatcode(upper left corner icon->vcmi*****) but there is no “enter” button and OK button just leaves the code written in console prompt…

I think cheatcodes on android need some different solution,
but on the other hand who needs them?



Well, I need it.I tried Swiftkey and found the tab button but after it puts the words in the concole there’s no way to “enter” it into game chat.

Thanks for letting us know.
Well, I guess that what we need are configurable key bindings.


I managed to override this button problem.
While loading game, on screen with sdl logo press “Change device configuration” twice
Then in pop-up menu select "Remap physical keys"
Map volume+ as Tab and volume- as return
Voila u can now enter cheats