[Android] Change installation file location

Hey everyone!
I have two android devices (a Galaxy S3 and a Tablet from ebay). I followed the install instructions and I made the game work on my Galaxy S3 phone. Everything works fine and I am happy to see that. However, I want to play the game on my tablet - after all, it is much bigger and so it is enjoyable too. But unfortunately its internal storage is not enough (only 1 GB internal storage), but I have a 4GB SD card, so I could put the files onto that. And so the location has changed from /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/is.xyz.vcmi/files to the external card ( /mnt/extsd/Android/data/is.xyz.vcmi/files). The question is, how can I change the configurations of the file location? If I try to type in this location under Change Device Configuration - Data installation location - Specify Directory, it seems to load a bit and after that it asks for “Specify command line parameters” and I can type in anything but nothing seems to work. Could you help me with that?