Alternate Mod Towns

I’ve made alterations to the five VCMI town mods I use besides the cove, for which I only replaced the portraits in my alternative portraits mod.

Each town is a sub-mod and may be enabled independently of one another. Some are changed much more than others, but all include new portraits and hero bios and some text changes for English speakers.

There are too many small changes, too numerous to go into a lot of detail or display here. I can upload a few pictures to showcase some of the new portraits.

Mountainhall (Highlands)

End of row 2, changed Astride (Astra) to Troyan because Astra is in the Cove faction which I use.





Alternative creatures for Tier 5 Upg, Tier 7, Tier 7 Upg: Bronzeclad, Blue Dragon, White Dragon
IconL_Tier5U IconL_Tier7 IconL_Tier7U









Manor (Courtyard)


Basilica (Cathedral)


If any of the original mod authors would like to any part of this mid and integrate into the original, I would like that. A small credit would be nice though.

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They look awesome 8)

…but, not too high quality for H3? These look manually painted as far as I see.

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All AI-generated with some touchups by myself. None of them are above the pixel limits, but because I saw some larger AI images included with the Courtyard faction, likely created from an older stable diffusion model, I included some high resolution images for the Courtyard in the folder that do not appear in-game.

I put some time in to write the new hero bios and had ChatGPT spruce them up a bit.

The hardest thing to do was manually recolor the animation def files for the Blue Dragon and Bronzeclad dwarf units.

Cool. I am an AI user as well, now I try to make some improvement by AI. Your work seems good.
This is new screen for Highland/Bastille Town.

By the way, New Cathedral, Haven and Highlands can download from repository now!


Cool, and can you make matching adventure map town objects?

As opposed to what I made, the image you got turned out a tad blurry and some structures are less distinguishable. However, your AI screen doesn’t look as hodgepodge as mine because mine is Frankensteined together.

What AI website did you use? And did how did you add structures?

Actually AI cannot finish a map object to fit with original game style.
I use Midjourney and Stable Diffusion to remake all my works.

I think I might be able to make something.


I tried making something for it. I’ll see if I can add a wall and then do the town hall and capitol etc.

Cool it’s pretty good. Maybe I can make it better.

This looks awesome. Would this AI work on the OG towns too, or would this be close to impossible, cause I’d diwnloas that

I don’t know, but I doubt it’s possible with Openart because it’s not good at generating images that fit any kind of specific design requirements. You’d have to modify them. However, there is another paid feature you can use to train the AI to make the images you want. I’ve seen examples of that in action, and it shows promise, but I’m not sure if it’s ready for creating detailed consistent game art.

In fact, this town I created doesn’t look enough like Ben Yan’s AI-generated image, so instead, I’m making one from scratch in GIMP to try and closely match the appearance of the one on his town screen.

Also, everyone note my Alternate Towns mod needs to be updated for some changes with the 1.3 update.