Alternate download links for Forge and Preserve?

From what I can tell, links only to the dodgy-sounding “” for downloading Forge and Preserve. If I want to try these mods, do I really have to send an SMS to some random phone number? Or is there an alternate download link?

You don’t need to send an SMS or whatever. You merely need to allow the site to have cookies (you can delete them afterwards though).

Look at the top. In big, it’s written “Download: forge 0.5 b.rar <22.51 MB>” with a little label graphic around the size. Notice how forge 0.5 b.rar is underlined? Click it and you’ll download the file.

The rest of the crap on the screen is irrelevant and you should ignore it.

Not really, just tried. The file can now be downloaded with premium account only.

The best way is to contact the authors and ask for a better link. It was in fact development version and not meant to be final.

Now I managed to download Forge by clicking the underlined link, but still not Preserve. I’ll ask the authors if they might consider changing upload hosts …

It looks that somebody have updated that link. I’ve downloaded Forge so in case if it will become unavailable again I will be able to replace it immediately.