AI VCAI or Nullkiller


What is the easiest AI difficulty please ? VCAI or Nullkiller ?
Or what is differents between those ?

Thank you

Edit: VCAI :sweat_smile:

Hi. There is no “VCMI” AI, there is “VCAI”.

As for your question - in most cases answer is Nullkiller AI.

VCAI is rather primitive and is no longer developed. It is only used for allies of human players, since Nullkiller AI requires lifted fog of war to work properly.

Nullkiller AI is our current AI, it is way better than VCAI, but is also slower than VCAI. This is what you should generally use, with possible exception of low-end systems.

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Even freindly AI I choice NKAI. 3 of my friends report that VCAI crashes during AI turn. Then he load from autosave, this turn can be passed. I dont know why they crash, so I avoid using VCAI.