AI stupid

Just got a new patch from google play and the biggest pain AI turn is finally not 10+ min im very happy becouse of it, game is playable again, just still one problem. I played a lot of maps 4-10 months and i always met enemy heroes with only 2 first levels of troops, mostly in low counts, AI is building troops but not buying them, for example i captured necro town after 7 months of playing extreme difficulty it had all troops to death knight built but in recrouting hall there was hords of troops (about 80 liches etc) and only skeletons and zombies bought, i dont think that AI havent money for no other troops in 7 months (they had capitol), is there any solve for this? also i cant play campaign now i think it is my fault i will reinstall game but maybe something in patch, but its not a big problem but AI should be more challenging, i would be able to kill his 7 months army with just 3 weeks army

AI is still in development.

Hi, I’ve got a stupid AI. Makes unreasonable decision. Sends the hero to death and never for me was not a threat. The hardest difficulty is still very simple. Can me with this please someone help me? :frowning:

From what I understand the current AI implementation is very simple/stupid and does not attack players. There are patches from “linuxrocks123” that makes the AI harder: … op/AI/VCAI

…I have not tried them, but I heard they are quite stable.

Not sure where you heard it, but linuxrocks123 didn’t make full request for these changes yet. When he does, I will review them.

This is nonsense.

AI is not ‘stupid’ by design, AI is unfinished and incomplete. Got it?

Please do not make any comments on AI behavior unless:

  • You understand current AI engine
  • You spend hours watching AI actions and logs under different conditions
    Because it is pointless.

An important announcement: AI is really messed up since 0.96c.

Please do not report bugs about it until it’s fixed.