AI is too slow on Android

I have been reading about this topic. And in the Mantis page I found out that this bug was solved. What I wanted too know was if there was any solution for the Android support. Sorry if my English is not so good. I’m Spanish and English is not my mother language :confused:

Do you use daily builds or one from google play? If you are using the daily there is no workaround. Otherwise try to install the latest daily build

I am using a dailybuild apk. If there is no solution, I won’t be upset because in s, m and l maps works quite good. But one thing I will complain, is the difficulty in the AI. Please if you know how to make it more difficult tell me. The main problem is that each team has like 4-7 heroes with 1 lvl 1 creature or something like that, there’s no strong hero.

The only way to make it a bit better is using cheat codes or maybe some mods. In order to enter cheatocdes on Android you need a special keyboard with Tab button. Or you can enter them on PC and transfer saves to android

Ok, and what type of code I have to type. I’ll do it on the PC and the transfer the save to Android. That will be the longest I way to do it, do you know if there’s any mod?? Another thing I would like to improve is the thing that the AI buys a lot of heroes and normally nine of them has more the one creature. Do you know of any way to improve that??

I do not know any mod for AI. As for cheat codes we have this
I suggest vcmiformenos ai and maybe vcmiarmenelos. Never used last one not sure how exactly it works. Probably something like vcmiarmenelos TownNameHere. Heroes with 1 creature are scouts. They gather resources so AI behaves better if there are a lot of them to pickup. And it has no fear so the heroes can easily walk to your territory and start gathering resources there.