AI is so stupid

Hi i have problem i just downloaded
clean version of Heroes 3 Complete(gog version) and VCMI the latest version.
The problem is… AI is just so dumb, generally AI just create more than 5 heroes and build nearly nothing also not fighting with minions.

What to do now?

AI isn’t finished yet. Still work in progress.

so there is no such way to play vcmi with ai just?

You can play against AI but it is very buggy atm, the only reason from real heroes 3 is that the AI was cheating and vcmi is trying to make AI a little cleaver if i remember correct.

First of all make sure to set “Neutral AI” in launcher to “BattleAI”. Currently that option not work as needed and VCAI heroes become controlled by StupidAI in battle that make them a lot less competitive. In future we should make it that BattleAI used for computer players and StupidAI for neutral creatures.

Let’s be real there is many things that simply not implemented in VCMI and that is main reason why it’s suck.

Though H3 AI see all map from start and there also resources bonuses for difficulty. And that not include many small situations where it’s ignore game mechanics rules (e.g can spawn heroes when they all disabled in map options).

Hm, I’m wondering, would it be possible to implement original h3 AI as placeholder before VCMI AI is fully operational?

Or I don’t know, console also tells me this:

Initialized logging system based on settings successfully.
[log level] ai => not set

Is highlighted in green so I’m wondering if it’s normal? Maybe I messed up something somewhere? Because even though I haven’t had time to play much, I didn’t see difference with older versions.

Do you have original H3 implementation somewhere in your backyard? :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I know, it’s simple factoring, giving each object a fixed value. This in fact could be implemented on top of existing VCAI, not instead.
There are missing features like AI trying to run away from player - this won’t implement itself on its own, even if we wanted to follow OH3.

Arf ok haha I’m a bit clueless how it works, I guess you’re aware but biggest issue to me is it doesn’t hire troops nor defend castles, no idea how to help here, all the best for next of development.

Edit file startres.json like this:

// Starting resources, ordered by difficulty level (0 to 4)
			  "human": { "wood" : 30, "mercury": 15, "ore": 30, "sulfur": 15, "crystal": 15, "gems": 15, "gold": 30000, "mithril": 0 },
			  "ai": { "wood" : 500, "mercury": 200, "ore": 500, "sulfur": 200, "crystal": 200, "gems": 200, "gold": 500000, "mithril": 0 }

			  "human": { "wood" : 20, "mercury": 10, "ore": 20, "sulfur": 10, "crystal": 10, "gems": 10, "gold": 20000, "mithril": 0 },
			  "ai": { "wood" : 1000, "mercury": 400, "ore": 1000, "sulfur": 400, "crystal": 400, "gems": 400, "gold": 750000, "mithril": 0 }

			  "human": { "wood" : 15, "mercury": 7, "ore": 15, "sulfur": 7, "crystal": 7, "gems": 7, "gold": 15000, "mithril": 0 },
			  "ai": { "wood" : 1500, "mercury": 700, "ore": 1500, "sulfur": 700, "crystal": 700, "gems": 700, "gold": 1000000, "mithril": 0 }

			  "human": { "wood" : 10, "mercury": 4, "ore": 10, "sulfur": 4, "crystal": 4, "gems": 4, "gold": 10000, "mithril": 0 },
			  "ai": { "wood" : 1500, "mercury": 700, "ore": 1500, "sulfur": 700, "crystal": 700, "gems": 700, "gold": 1000000, "mithril": 0 }

			  "human": { "wood" : 0, "mercury": 0, "ore": 0	, "sulfur": 0, "crystal": 0, "gems": 0, "gold": 0, "mithril": 0 },
			  "ai": { "wood" : 1500, "mercury": 700, "ore": 1500, "sulfur": 700, "crystal": 700, "gems": 700, "gold": 1000000, "mithril": 0 }

AI don’t have sufficient resources

Thanks I’m going to try that

Edit: Ok week 2 I see troops hired from AI, thanks Macron!

My opinion we should give AI more resources on default. Because he plays very, very weak. May be in future when he stay better do it at all hohest. But now “king” in vcmi (even with +resourses) = “pawn” in SoD by the power of the game.

I just commited a fix which stops AI from spending all money on useless heroes in first weeks.

A lot of money will allow the AI to line up and buy back at least the troops, and it will create the illusion of the defunct competition. Now he simply “run experience stone” on which it is possible to pump their heroes. I gave money to AI 50 million and 5000 resource that I want to say, he is doing very well so it is - it is being built. Here no claims to it. Capture the Castle, but already there is all built up, well done. In all other aspects, it is all sad. And with no money at all so bad. Construction is bad, and very often are not redeemed by the troops.

He would like the “sense of insecurity” tune. Aggressiveness on the human heroes to kill them and beware of strong heroes, not substituted.

I posted this on another place but then noticed that the thread was last used 4 years ago. My ai is not build ing in towns or buying ANY troops instead buying crap tons of heroes for the weak armies they start with. All games way too easy.

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