Advertising of VCMI

How about creating some social networks groups of VCMI? it sounds lame, but it should work to spread news and find “old” heroes players, who would like to participate in VCMI.

i have at least 30 friends on FB, who have played, o still plays heroes

I think that’s great idea. Today everyone lives on a Facebook, Whether we like it or not.

Creating a group would be nice, but it’d be even better to have it updated from time to time. Someone should take care of it.

i think it should be enough to post link for new updates or some changes. also have some space for discussion and offers. insert some print-screens of changes etc.

A good idea indeed. Some comments though:

  • If it’s to be a kind of “VCMI Official” page, then it should be started by Tow or TowDragon; or at least started with their approval, with at least one of invited from day 1 as admin with full rights
  • If it’s to be more a kind of “VCMI fan page”, then I guess it can be started by anyone…, but it has to be clearly specified in the description what it is
  • Given the high amount of bugs in current release, it may not be the best time to launch it… unless we’re in a period when none of the coders will have time for them soon, and the page will be aimed to attract new coders…

For the rest, I do visit FB from time to time. If the page would be there, I wouldn’t mind visiting it more often to make short updates or participate in discussions.

I think we should go only for “VCMI Official”, with admins of vcmi, maby later can be added more people to keep it updated.

From the beggining should be said clearly that it is long project, a lot of work to do and it is in testing/coding mode.

Let’s just make a page and invite all possible people so they just ‘like it’. Then, apart from some basic info, we could post an update once in a month. Facebook soaks up easily any amount of content and it doesn’t need to be super-relevant.
It’s an easy task which cna be handled by anyone.

but still Tow and Tow Dragon have to have admin rights on facebook’s VCMI page

I have created basic page, pleas join : VCMI project.
Tow and Tow Dragon definitely should have admin rights.
as other people who involved in this project (progrtamers)
Also please contact for rights to improve the group.

  1. I don’t think fanpage should need request confirmation.
  2. You may try this logo:
  3. Last time I asked, Tow didn’t have Facebook account :wink: