Adventure map upgrade Mod(s)

Is Here any mod creator Who could make 3 small mod or combined mod for them.

Idea is make Adventure maps more re-playable by changing it when games go on and here is 3 example about it:

1.Able to Build new villages/forts to Adventure map
(Master of puppet have this, but would like to get this as stand alone mod)

2.Able to Start up new mines against payment
(Sometimes map have too little mines or it is too fight to get resources so this would give you benefits on longer games if you dare to pay about them)

3.Able to demolish and reconstruct cities
(WoG have this kind system but it is TOO SLOW TO be usefull)

Do You have any other Ideas how to bring more fresh air to adventure maps? And is there anyone who could do this?

Initial ideas of VCMI is to clone original heroes 3 mechanics. But because it is open source project witten in C++ language, theoretically anyone skilled would write and add his own ideas. VCMI team now are trying to clone h3 features (including AI) so adding completelly new features is limited. For example now vcmi allows to add only map decorations, banks, artfiacts, monsters and dwellings. Nothing more that we know from SoD. Maybe in future there will be new possibilities? Recently they add features thal allow modders to add their own secondary skills! If you will play VCMI longer you will see how many missing features are left! So we have to wait to see new advantages to the map objects!

BTW. I (as a modder) have some plans to add some villages to the game. Not build villages, only new villages to encounter on the map. Maybe someday my ideas come true…

Thanks for very informative answer, sad to hear VCMI is still missing original mechanics. But its good that someone really bothers to Create more reliable more mod supporting engine. Hope rest of features come soon :slight_smile: can’t wait this engine is finished.

Well i have to wait this mod come true later. Hope someone could do this because i am not good at coding and i also have lost motivation to coding. So i really hope someone could do this. Becasuse I LOVE THIS GAME!

Good luck with your own mods :slight_smile: Hope wee will see those in game someday

One more thing - you don’t have to know any proggraming language to make mods for vcmi. Json format is easy. Bad thing that good mods needs good graphics unfortunatelly…

More ideal features for This Adventure mod:

4.Creating Dwellings to adventure map (Holding these dwellings increase ammont of unit that you could buy, balanced with castle/city constract is that cities are more expensive and they have more tense buildings)

5.Creating roads (Some times too slow to move on maps so this could reduce game durance on longest games)

Yeah i have heard that C++ isn’t hard proggraming language but need time and motivation to write it.

Luckily this mod what i am considering have all items in game (Mines, Cities, Roads, dwellings)

Taking this Adventure map upgrade mod even further

7.Creating garrisons to make stands to defend paths

8.Maybe Create some teleports to moving even faster on the map

9.Removing obstacles with spells (or secondary/special skill) or maybe even create obstacles would also change maps layout when you can re-shape paths

This will be possible in near future but for battles.

I have read that it will be possible in battle fields but it would nice to see also in Adventure map

Positive thing on VCMI is that if you download some bigger mod like Wog or HotA you can choose which features from mod are enabled and disabled so if you don’t like every feature on mod you can simple disable that.

Another suggestion i’d like to see come true some day: If hero has Pathfinding skill, then allow that hero to move through wood and mountain. F.ex.:
Basic: Allow to move through wood at 1 tile per day.
Advanced: Allow to move through wood at 2 tiles per day.
Expert: Additionally allow to move through mountain at 1 tile per day.

Would make pathfinding more useful :slight_smile: