Additional towns

I know that the WoG team has been trying for a very long time to allow for new towns to be added without replacing existing ones but are running into difficulties because of the limitations of ERM.

Will your rebuild of the engine make it possible to add towns?

Yes, it will. Almost no limits with adding new towns, units artifacts etc. :slight_smile:

Thats awesome! When do you think the project will have this feature working?

You have to wait at least a few months. Implementing battles, saving/loading and net protocols seems to be more important :slight_smile: .

Adding a new town actually isn’t a real problem, we can start it practically now (but functionality of such towns will be limited until some features are done).
The problem is preparing a huge number of graphics of the town, creatures, buldings; stats, names and so on. And their quality must be comparable to the original ones.

I’m talking about towns which are almost complete, such as the Bastion town created by the WoG team. They are saying that the only real obstacle to adding it is this limitation on the number of towns, if you solve that problem the Bastion town could be ready very soon.

We need to have ALL graphics, at least with appropriate sizes and signs to check if they properly displayed, to add a new city. I mean buildings, units, hero portrait, objects etc. etc. Then we could modify necessary fragments of code to make it all work together. But anyway, I couldn’t see the point in doing that, it no one is going to be completed soon (at least at current stage of development).

Will VCMI eventually allow new extra heroes to be added in excess of the 155 already present? (And is there any chance of new flag colours, extra players or randomized turn order for extra challenge and more evenness in single or multiplayer games?)

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Actually almost everything will be possible. But firstly we want to finish coding basic functionality and then we will look for interesting (and well described) proposals.

Wow, I have a lot of faith in you and your team. I think this is the best HOMM news in ages. =)

(The will, the programming, and the community support will find a way!)

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Yes, It will be best HoMM.
Free, programmable, HoMM, Scrypt and Mod.
It it become open-source it will be best game at all.

ATM we consider switching the license to something like GPL, many people interested in our project and wanting to help will make it more probable ;].

Hi Team VCMI, please allow to give my most sincere encouragement to all you people doing this project! Also guys out there please be patient and not to rush the guys into adding new features for the game. Let Team VCMI finish the basic codings for the game and by then, we suggestions will be more constructive and beneficial. I’m sure u guys can agree with me on that.

Therefore, we shall wait patiently for now. Once Team VCMI has updates for testing, we will be more than happy to do our part by testing them!

Just curious, did the team of WOG, Slava and co. join forces with you guys to work on this new project?

Three cheers for Team VCMI!!! :slight_smile:


  1. Do you planing make “extendable” castles, so moders can add or remove any number of building? Like two Rampart on same map, one have Gold dragons and 10 creatures shop, another haven’t creature shops at all but have artifact shop and teleport gate and may other bildings that not in first one.

  2. Do you have any concept for AI and pathfinding? I think it will be harder part of reversing ( or making from streach).

  3. Is any chance to port project ti Delphi. :mrgreen: (or i must learn C)

Nobody from WoGteam has written significant part of VCMI code (except Tow, of course), but one of them joined us for a moment.

At the moment we don’t plan such things - we are trying to write easy to modify code which allows us to do that in future. Coding Heroes 3 features is more important for us (in next version you will see battles and much more advanced towns!).

As you can see in game, pathfinder is already implemented (but it is not yet optimized). Writing AI is something we would like not to do - we hope somebody will do this for us ;].

No chance! Too much work and I think nobody would like to synchronize all changes between C++ and Delphi wersions (C++ verion is a must-have for us).

One more thing,
Will the source be available to the public?
I’ve been learning c++ last semester in the university, but I have no idea how games are written.
Could I somehow get the source code to study, I might learn something and be useful in some way :slight_smile:

It was said already - for now it won’t be, maybe later. We haven’t made any final decisions.
If you want see how the games are written you may be interested in project very similar to VCMI - fheroes2. This is remake of H2, which has been created for over 4 years. Their page: (sources are available)

but how can i download the source?

Through their subversion repository, its address is
The latest stable revision seems to be 155.

come on… why no one compress everything into one simple zip file…