Adding a visible link to mods on home page

Now that there are a few mods already made, I think a link to available mods on the VCMI home page would really help non-coders find more easily what can be done with VCMI.

Isn’t main page of Wiki enough? If modders won’t use Wiki, they won’t get far anyway.

I believe that right now the modding community took initiative on their own (especially on AC). There’s no need to babysit them, instead focus on improving VCMI itself.

I am not talking about modders but about casual players that do not/should not use/care about the wiki.

Just saying…

Eventually we’ll probably end up with some database or repository with mods and all the fancy features, but it is not necessary yet. Also, mods are created and updated weekly and existing ones still feel somewhat unfinished, so there’s no need to promote them.

If players don’t care about mods, what’s the point?

Also, I do believe that we should demand from people ability to read and understand guides (so they are not complete idiots). I’m not going to answer same questions about mod installation 100 times.

I did not say that. On the contrary! I just said they do not care about the wiki. That is why I’ve suggested to move the mod section on front page.

And about answering questions about installing mods… the mod manager should do the trick.