A few questions regarding VCMI

Firstly, allow me to congratulate you for this really amazing project that you have started. I really do appreciate everything you do, and in the future (if the time allows me) I will go ahead and help as much as I can on this project.

I have a Vodafone Smart III phone running Android 4.1.1 OS. I have installed VCMI 0.97, I’ve put the game which I have purchased from GoG.com (HOMM3:SOD) in the right folder and started VCMI with “small - touchpad” preset. The game starts great and was really impressed to see it working on a mobile phone. What I cam here for to ask:

  1. The AI is not working the way it should and I’ve seen it beeing discussed in some topics out here. I get the same behaviour as the others. AI won’t attack me at all, some would just continuously buy new heroes and attack the same monster and die like over and over again and they don’t really do much. I noticed they do capture mines, and possibly build structures in their castles. Not sure if they build them, or it is part of the scenarios that the NPCs come with structures build into their castles. Also seen something about a VCMI Launcher and you can enable BattleAI in it. Does BattleAI change anything? And if so, where could I download this launcher from for my Android device?

  2. Whenever I try to start a campaign, I click the name of the campaign, I get the page where I can select what to start with (gold, resources or items or whatever) and then I press Begin, I get the little story and then game crashes with no error or anything displayed. Seen something about unpacking the H3C files from LOD into the maps folder. Think this help me at all? As I said, none of the campaigns work for me. And if I do start the campaign from single player, will I be lead to the next map of the campaign automatically, or I have to start the next one again from single player? Like, I don’t know if my progress in that campaign is being saved or if my hero will keep his level and items throughout the whole campaign.

Would really appreciate an answer for this matter. Answer whenever you would find a little bit of free time to do so. Thank you!

Will try to answer, but keep in mind I’m only starting to learn how is VCMI works so might be wrong.

As far as I aware there is two part that AIs made of:
]First part handle adventure map and there is only one AI exist for this: VCMI/:m]
]Other handle battles: StupidAI, BattleAI/:m][/ul]
Unfortunately the first one is broken and you can’t fix it any way.
So you just need to wait till bug is fixed.

You’re likely can configure VCMI on PC and then upload configuration on Android device.

First of all check what VCMI version you’re running. If it’s latest 0.97 then as far as I can say campaigns should work there and you’re likely met bug specific to Android port.

This mean if you want to have problem fixed and do have time on investigating it contact Android port developer by email: [email protected]