3rd Upgrade units

Any mods out there, that does this? If so what and where can I get this?


Nowe ulepszenia (Polish) (for older VCMI versions)

But they need to be corrected manually, Kuririn didn’t make bugless version (as I remember).

If you know polish, you can discuss mod on
There you can find images of new additions and ask creator, where will he publish his current mod progress.
There also somewhere was his mod, that added alternative units to Cove (but it is also for older versions).

The mod Nowe ulepszenia isn’t able for download anyway. And I can’t polish at all

The mod is not finished, either. I once saw two towns working, but that’s it.

Oh ok. I wouldn’t mind an unfinished one either

Any news on this mod?

come on, hope you keep on. :slight_smile:

Or you can jsut use google translate^^

No english site for these mods tho. :frowning:


If only the link worked properly…

There is ERA mod named Amethyst Upgrades, that is based on New Upgrades and Four Upgrades, it has some monsters that weren’t in both previous. Also it provides Town Guardians feature (towns with Capitol has special units summonned on siege). Mod is not yet finished (many placeholders) but playable.

I Have the mod “Amethyst Upgrades” which, among other things, adds new creatures, enough to make second upgrade (third form) for every town and every level of creature

It is under “Knightmare Mods” on HeroesCommunity

And this works with vcmi?

Most certainly additional upgrades can be ported easily.