2 questions (battle animation speed and battle music)


I played HOMM 3 when I was a kid but i’m new to the VCMI project. Two questions.

  1. Is there a file which can be eddited for the battle animation speed? I liked the original (slowness) speed. But now it’s either 33% (slowest, which I use now) or 66% (already to fast for my taste). I hope to edit a file (maybe with notepad) to adjust speed setting 1 (33%) to maybe 50%.

  2. I like the original combat music only. Now there seems to be additional soundtracks. I found out that the Abyss town adds the music. I disabled that part of the mod, but still have new combat music besides the original ones. Do they come with VCMI to begin with, or do they get stuck after installing the Abyss town? What is the location of these sound files (can’t find them)

My thanks in advance guys.


  1. first 3 options (33, 66, 100) should roughly match Heroes 3 combat speed settings.If you want more fine control - open file Documents/My Games/vcmi/config/settings.json. In there look for section “battle”, which may contain “speedFactor” entry:
	"battle" : {
		"speedFactor" : 1

(if it does not exists - you’ll need to add it)
If you want something between in-game 33% and 66% settings - try changing speed factor to 1.5

  1. VCMI by default comes with no new game content. No new music or anything like that. One of your active mods probably come with new music.Disabling such mod will also disable any music files that were added by the mod.

Thank you for your feedback Ivan. I did found the settings file, but would not think a number of 1,5 would work. I will test this when i’m back home (I’ll let you know :slight_smile: ).

As for point two, I think the Abyss mod might be the cause here. I will delete the my games/vcmi folder and start over and try to not add it to see what happens :slight_smile:

Up to you, but you don’t have to delete all your mods - disabling them via Launcher is fine

No need to delete mod or even disable mod. You can just manually delete some combat .ogg files from Abyss mod, Tides of War mod or WoG mod.

I just found the 4 combat audio files. Even when you disable it in the VCMI laucher, these files are still there. I will overwrite them with the original 4 combat songs (because deleting might cause errors)

Edit: could not overwrite them as they are .0gg files and not .mp3, now just deleted them. I’ll see if that brings any loading issues with them when starting a battle.