2 missing files

Failed to find file SGTWMOAT.BMP
Failed to find file SGTWMLIP.BMP

Hi, where are this 2 files coming from(heroes, wog) and where should they be put? Thanks

These files are part of original Heroes 3. They should be present in any valid H3 installation.

are they in a lod archive or in some folder?

Should be in H3Bitmap.lod
For VCMI you need to have them in Data folder or in this archive.

i have gog version. in h3bitmap should be .bmp or .pcx? maybe the bug i’m experiencing is related to gog version and not vcmi.

Well, if gog version is running correctly, it is a bug in vcmi that will probaly be fixed (at some point). Those files in h3bitmap should be .bmp from what I see. I’ll try to peek at the code and see what’s going on.


I’ll try to grab gog version files somewhere and then try to see what’s exactly going on.

i took a peek int h3bitmap.lod and it seems to be the moat around castle for tower, if you have retail can you check your h3bitmap if you have those files?

I temporairly don’t have access to retail on my machine :frowning: I’ll try to grab those files and check tomorrow

it seems those 2 files are not in a retail h3bitmap.lod so it may be a bug not diference between gog and retail so i’ll fill a bug report.