0.74 bugs

Because managing all those bugs became time-consuming, we’ve decided to deploy separate bugtracker. (We don’t want to use the SF one because it’s often terribly slow.)
We’ll see how it works in practice and made final decision before next release but we’re now quite determined to keep it.

The main address of the bugtracker is: bugs.vcmi.eu
Bug reporting form is available at: bugs.vcmi.eu/bug_report_page.php
And the list of bugs present in tracker is there: bugs.vcmi.eu/view_all_bug_page.php

The tracker uses separate account system, so if you want to have your accounts there, you’ll have to re-register ( bugs.vcmi.eu/signup_page.php ). However it’s not necessary, anonymous reports are allowed.

If you encounter any problems with tracker or have suggestions, please use this thread. I’ve just managed to set it up and I’m new in “tracker managing”, so please forgive me all possible mistakes and issues. :slight_smile:

Please don’t report 0.74 bugs here, use if possible the new tracker form.

[size=150]KNOWN ISSUES[/size]

All outstanding bugs from previous releases (0.70x/0.71x/0.72x/0.73x) have been now added to the Mantis tracker: bugs.vcmi.eu

Please find below the list of items which have been logged into Mantis. Follow the thread links if you want to double check if any of your previous reports has been left out (while still not solved in 0.74).

[size=84]0.73c vcmi.antypika.aplu…topic.php?t=227
#2 - Only the Main Menu window is centered, not also the Adventure Map, which on higher resolutions goes out of the screen in the lower and right side.
#12 - Wight’s regenaration animation taking place at the beginning of the battle with no reason,
#14 - Stacks killed in retaliation, fall down before the retaliation animation.
#15 - Spell book button not disabled after spell cast (for the remaining of the turn) or if hero has no spell book
#16 - 2nd Wait command on a creature during a turn is handled badly.
#17, #18 - Problems with sound in battles after load
#19 - In Hero Meeting window, when we click on the Catapult, it should give the pop-up saying “This item can’t be traded.” In 0.73c we get the same info pop-up that we would get in the Hero screen: “The Catapult must be equipped.”
#20 - War Machines can’t be exchanged yet (this sounds familiar, so apologies if it was already reported)
#21 - There is small delay in passing an artifact from one hero to another
#22 - Closing Main Menu client from the upper right window button or with Alt+F4 leads to a crash:
#26 not yet implemented - Native Terrain(NT) in siege
#28 Map scrolling not working anymore if hero is selected. CTRL+Arrows move hero should scroll the adv. map. In 073 was ok.
#29 Refer to sound problems. There is also problem when you push NEW GAME, after first start it has long pause an multiple sound effects
#31 Pathfinder can’t find a way if the road is blocked by Event. Previously it did.
#35 Bug with heroes in tavern. In tavern on the right there is Sir.Mullich and if you buy only heroes from the left side there are all the time elementalist and planeswalkers. Isn’t it correctly implemented? I didn’t noticed that before
#37 - The visiting hero does not collect the best troops from garrison to fill in his empty army slots when the town is under siege.
#39 - The hero is placed lower on the battlefield as compared to H3
#41 - Underground cartographer should only reveal the underground ground, even when placed at the surface
#43 - If possible, correct (no plural) handling of single creatures in info boxes & subtitles.

0.73 vcmi.antypika.aplu…topic.php?t=197
#04 Crash when hitting F4 in 1600x1200 resolution - different than the F4 crash in lower resolutions reported before.
07 - Sound\Music level does not affect videos.
11 - Exchange between subterra gates does not working
12 - Graphic glitch: After receiving some long server messages (from previous bug) I’ve switched between 2 heroes. After these, only part of message disappeared.
#18 Bug towns without fort in map window are [after load] shown as town with fort.
#29 If hero has expert Air Magic, the Magic Arrow in Spell Book is shown with expert Earth Magic.
#31 Crah on missing entry in video.vid
#37 - Wrong Bloodlust animation (see screenshot - looks a bit like Hell Hydra’s self-healing, though still different somehow)
#48 - Monsters shadow isn’t drown where there is shadow+selection color
#54 - Start a map with Castle town and all buildings in it including the Grail. Right-click some building, like the Grail, and while the message is shown move the mouse off the building. With high probability you won’t be able to click on Castle building after that.
#55 - Spaces in the beginning of line in map description does not showing.
#63 No message about preventing spell casting during battle if you use “Orb of Inhibition”
#64 No info in status window if you collect guarded resources.
#68 - Incorrect display of the mouse cursor during enemy’s turn in battle (frozen shaded hex i/o mobile arrow)
#69 - Placing artifacts back in backpack (or swapping), if you have more than 5 artifacts there, does not put the artifact in one of the 5 visible slots where you clicked. You’ll need to scroll for it to see where it went.
#70 Creatures’ dwellings do not require FORT to be built if there is already built first lvl dwelling (except CASTLE town).
#71 Bug with sailing - boat can sail through the edge of the land, noticed before, but I thought it didn’t affect the game. Now it seems to be bug.
#75 - Minor issue: we can exit the client interface w/o scrolling the map if CTRL is pressed, but if we access any application while we are out (e.g.: open a screen capture tool), when we come back, even if CTRL is still pressed, the map scrolls when we pass over the Client edge (thus we lose focus on the exact image we wanted to capture for example).
#77 (minor discrepancy, perhaps intended so) In the same screenshots, we can see that VCMI capitalizes the first letter of the resource name, while H3 doesn’t. Personally I don’t have a problem with it, but perhaps the English natives on the forum can give their opinion whether that is or not an issue at all.
#78 Rampart Town Hall upgrade is missing some huts that should be added to the town screen: #79 If we build upgraded dwellings before the hoard structure, the graphical part of the hoard structure appears together with the upgraded dwelling:
#79 If we build upgraded dwellings before the hoard structure, the graphical part of the hoard structure appears together with the upgraded dwelling:
#80 - Build A New Ship screen issues:
#81 - Ships do not correspond to their alignments.
#82 - After a ship is built in town, we should not be able to re-open the Shipyard screen until the ship leaves the “harbor”.

0.72d vcmi.antypika.aplu…topic.php?t=194
#09 Strange AI battle behavior
#14 - I can retreat my only hero from battle, even though I have no castle. Game continues, but freezes on pass turn command.
#22 - The yellow & blue (when hover) glow animations for creatures in battle should not fade out completely.

0.72c vcmi.antypika.aplu…topic.php?t=185
#3 Luck animation is too short and probably also too low.
#4 Animation sound for Fortune is not working yet.
#14 Identical with the above, the scroll arrows should also be disabled/grayed out in the Marketplace window, when the from/to resources are not selected yet.
#27 - Fairly minor, however a part of H3 functionality. When a hero picks up a resource pile, hero information does not return automatically after a little while (until you change to another hero or town then back to the original hero).
#28 - Sound does not play when picking up an artifact. Also no terrain music yet.
#29 Custom creature animation in battle does not work for the active stack (the one with the glowing yellow border around).
#41, because AI should try to go after the shooter or the flyer, unless the pikemen would be reachable in less number of turns)
#42 Monolith bug - you can block the monoliths.

0.72b vcmi.antypika.aplu…topic.php?t=183
#11 Event message windows still don’t support large texts correctly
#15 Game crashes at first action taken after we press F4. We had F4 issues before, first in 0.68 (#4 - solved) and then 0.71#47 (which reported F4 issues when VCMI was running in parallel with H3, but this time we have issues even when only VCMI is running).

0.72 vcmi.antypika.aplu…topic.php?t=159
#10 morale animation shown on wrong place
#31 battle I don’t like that already found issue about haste/slow affection on battle movement order not yet fixed and add from my own : the queue (hotkey Q) shows even more strange info
#41 when message in ingame console is too long it overlaps the infobox, and when the message disappears infobox is not refreshed
#43 blue glowing border around selected creatures restarts every time when cursor moves (should be only on selecting creature)
#44 I see bug #47 from 0.71 reported problems caused by F4 when running both VCMI and H3.
#47 - bug with hero advancing
#48 - Target creature loses stack size box from the moment the enemy shoots at it, or even starts to walk/fly towards it:
#73 : AI doesn’t recognize the front hex of a 2-hex creature
#74 : Enemy creatures should have their hex shaded if they are within the attack range of the active creature (melee+range).
#76 the infobox remains frozen on the last frame of the new day animation

Bugs have been added to the Sourceforge tracker:
sourceforge.net/tracker/index.p … 9&status=1[/size]

Okay, here are the first impressions about the new bugtracker, and a few questions:

A. First of all, it’s an obvious improvement over SF (at least from my perspective), in terms of speed and it seems also features/possibilities. :slight_smile:

B. It does keep some downsides SF had as compared to the forum:

  • reports cannot be edited. We may have cases of incorrect info in Summary/Description, or even wrong attachments - those were easily corrected on the forum.
  • (perhaps) harder to follow an investigating discussion about a certain bug, or relation between bugs, but we’ll see about that

C. Did you think of a way of tracking bugs reported for one game version or another? If the tracker is customizable, perhaps you could add a new dropdown menu. Otherwise shall we perhaps use the Tags (though it’s a bit annoying that we cannot already add them when submitting the report)?

D. I guess the platform is not of much relevance for you, but I found it strange that even if I set up a certain platform as default, it didn’t load it automatically when I tried to submit a report in advanced mode.

E. Could you perhaps help me draw the line between GUI & Mechanics categories? :stuck_out_tongue: If you check for example report #3 - Game doesn’t make a difference between a defended and an undefended enemy town when selecting the mouse cursor over town gate - I selected GUI, but I was wondering if that is not actually a matter of game Mechanics?

Is it needed to re-report bugs to mantis if they are not fixed since issued?
like "video in lod(.vid) is absent " bug still crashes VCMI (now 0.74) at start of application (but i solve this by editing exe in hex-editor)

Couldn’t find a way to edit them either, but I’d guess it can be changed with some settings as I’m almost certain an account with admin status could change an issue.
Bug trackers I’ve seen have been more or less special-puprose forums. They typically have discussions with each issue, and I think that notes are used for this effect with Mantis. A note can also be edited and deleted.

You can enter a product build under Advanced Reporting. Of course, those numbers are a bit contrived to anyone but developers or nightly testers (and VCMI does not have nightly builds). There’s also “target version” field, but I have yet to figure out how to modify that one.

I take it to be
Mechanics = What affects gameplay.
GUI = Presentation.
I’d say cursors changes are GUI, as there is no loss in gameplay. It might’ve been if the player had otherwise no idea to figure out if he would attack the castle or not if he went there.

11 - Warrior Tomb does give an artifact on first visit, however it does so without a dialog. I’m not used to that.

8 Should be “GUI - other” rather than “Mechanics - battle”. What do others think?

7 Should be “Mechanics - other” rather than “GUI - town screen”.

Best regards,

  • try to add an option to edit bugs that you report,
  • maybe auto-fill on version used?


Thanks! That clarifies it. Meanwhile I also noticed that Tow or TowDragon implemented the Product Version drop down, so that should answer also my other question (which is the same with Beholder’s 2nd request above). :wink:

@ Steven: I’ve updated the 3 reports you mentioned as per your comments above.

Best regards,
Zam :slight_smile:

Ok, I’d like to gain access to bug solving, but can’t figure out how to ask for it.

Try persuasive begging. :mrgreen:

j/k - sorry, couldn’t help it. :smiley: :wink: I guess you need to wait for Tow/TowDragon to grant you (and the other programmers) the appropriate access, depending on how they planned to use the tracker. As Tow said above, he just set it up, so we can expect further adjustments today and the coming days (including accesses).

I gave you ‘developer’ access level. Does it allow you to solve bugs?

BTW, I’ve moved all unresolved bugs from sf bug tracker to mantis. I hope I didn’t miss anything.

Maybe we need a clarification on what severity “Block” means exactly. If we are to interpret the severity drop-down in hierarchical order, then “Block” would be worse than Major/Crash bugs, so in my understanding it would refer to bugs which make the game pretty much unplayable (crash at launch, at map start or first hero move etc). However I’ve seen already a couple of reports of simple features not implemented, which are ‘blocking’ the player from exploring the map properly.

Please confirm if my assumption is correct. If yes, I could amend the existing reports accordingly where necessary.

I think your supposition is correct, mantis seems to order severity and “Block” seems to be the most severe. Only bugs that make the game completely unplayable should be reported as “Block”.

Thanks for the confo. I’ve updated the severity of some reports, as well as some comments & links where necessary.

After playing around with Mantis a bit more, I actually came to love it. It still has a minor disadvantage over the forum - that we can’t see the screenshots directly - but otherwise now I see only advantages:

  • Possibility to create relationships between reports (duplicate/parent of…)
  • One list with all bugs, which can even be exported (for the most comfortable way for testers to scan for already reported bugs)
  • Category & Severity which should help the devs to better prioritize
  • Status is even interesting for us testers, to see how close a bug may be to being resolved (and by whom)

Btw, I didn’t want to create a new category (as the chance for such issues to occur is probably small), but if there’ll be resolution-related issues reported under GUI-Other, which require changes in config/settings.txt or data/*.pcx files, you could assign those to me. Not sure if I’d be able to handle any related issue, but I’d like to at least give it a try. :wink:

EDIT: Not sure why, but while previous Mantis notifications in my mail were in English, when OnionKnight created a relationship for one of my reports, the notification arrived in Russian (I think):

…which I find strange, as Mantis seems to be on a Polish portal, it’s in English, and neither me nor OnionKnight live in a Russian speaking country… so I cannot link it to anything. :question:

Yep, I can read it. Quite strane indeed.

None the less I love our new toy, has so many colors and stuff :mrgreen:

#1 Lightning (i spelled twice turn per one) in the third round of battle Before I spelled it I viewed the information by right-click


Tow I should you use My website to upload the picture and link here i will transformat it to vcmi upload!:slight_smile:

More requests from me :slight_smile:

Apart from editing tickets please add an option to assign it to certain dev. This is usefull when fe. you get feedback request by someone who says will handle the ticket but needs more info. It would be better if you could assing the ticket to him/her after adding some info.

Another thing - I`ve made a check and disabled all e-mail notifications but I do get all of notifications anyway.

I’ve edited the descriptions for some of the issues imported from the SF tracker. To get line breaks in your descriptions you have to add
tags at the end of a line. Also, Mantis will change any #xx into references to Mantis issues, which is confusing when you’re actually referring to the number assigned with the old way of handling bugs.

A developer would ideally check things out regularly, it’s also possible to monitor bugs you’re interested in so I think they can assign themselves.
I have also noticed that you get email notification about changes to your own reports even if you uncheck everything.
Haven’t yet gotten any such mail so I can’t say anything about russian text, but I have english selected as language in my preferences.

If you would get feedback request from someone who says will handle the ticket, my guess is that someone has already assigned the ticket to himself. I think nobody wants more than the devs to avoid double work on the same bug. :wink:

Nice find (the line breaker). :slight_smile:

As for #xx references, I think the best workaround would be to use the build version in front of it (e.g.: 71b#55), this way Mantis won’t translate the reference anymore. I wouldn’t change this translation logic. There is also an advantage to it: we don’t need to worry about typing the exact amount of zeros in front to get the exact reference. :wink:

please add link to mantis bugtracker of this project on the main site - it need about 10 wise clicks to find it on forum - and not all are so wise - it’s hard for them to find it