0.71b - development version

#2 - If tavern is upgraded then tavern screen is unaccesible
ie. when brotherhood is built in castle town
#3 - when rightclicking grail structure, the game crashes

#4 crash when pressing “return to game” in combat options (doesn’t matter if you changed any options), always reproducible.

console message: “Assertion failed: listInt.front() == top, file …\CPlayerInterface.cpp, line 2690”

#5 Two Equestrian’s Gloves give extra bonuses, when only one Equestrian’s Gloves should give a bonus.
img208.imageshack.us/img208/7319/doubleequestrian.th.jpg img222.imageshack.us/img222/1317/doubleequestrianb.th.jpg

#6 Three luck in luck indicator just having one luck artifact (Cards of Prophecy) equipped.

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#7 - a small sound bug, if I go near water, sounds play like boat.


#8 - game crash when I try build Resources Silo, it’s happen again when I load save game.

By dikamilo
Autosave_5.zip (144 KB)

Well i really like your work so i will try my best to help you out also :wink: so… i dunno if it is but and if it was mentioned before but:
#9 - when u have like 6 castles, scroll button doesn’t works. tho it does work when you are in town.
#10 - also obelisks does nothing. neither you can press on them :slight_smile: tho… these maybe not bugs.
#11 - also when u are in battle and you want to set speed of animation, it crashes :-/

#12 - my heroe is at null morale, however all other monsters has max morale :S tho i got no morale stuff, neither gives any monster.
#13 - balissta shoots only once at expert lvl, tho should shoot twice :slight_smile:
#14 - when u are resource building and you are fighting(somehow i passed monster to resourse building wihtou fight) and u press spacebar it opens “leave guards” option

[size=75](I added log numbers for the reported items - hope you don’t mind & thanks for the report)[/size]

If you want to move Lacus near Marleto Tower (like it is shown on the screenshot) the game crashes.
Your map: Arrogance3.h3m
The map crash everytime heroes goes to the end of the right side of the map. (also with resolution 800x600)

Not really. The button is working but not properly.
If you click the button i.e. down and then click on the last town in towns’ window it goes down. If you click the button down three times it will show you last town (of course with resolution 800x600.)
There is the same situation if you want to go up. Click the “up” button and then upper town.

PS> TOW’s, will you add the bugs to the tracker or we can do it also?

Hi everyone !

16__gamedata Hero with intelligence from start has not “intelligent” maximum mana )) i wrote the same in 0.71 but about current mana
17__herodlg when splitting a stack and not moving slider the ok shouldn’t be active, but in vcmi it gives "server encounter a problem - no creatures to split"
18__herodlg we are still able to put warmachines in backpack, and now it even stays in backpack after herodlf closed and reopened and in console no message about illegal action (as was in 0.71)
19_gamesystem 2nd vcmi-process can not access the map that 1st vcmi started and writes to console - “unable to access to file, it is used by other process” and vcmi hangs, maybe it is possible to allow using file sharing or just make vcmi not to hang down
20_gamesystem i haven’t on one computer a soundcard, and vcmi check this well, but clicking sound options in system options menu causes crash
21__advmap terrific !!! clicking underground/ground button when hero is active and click somewhere - vcmi makes and displays path, for some heroes(sir mullich and lacus on arrogance) starts calculating path, and that leads to a memory leak, no path is shown and game hangs
22_gamesystem although gold income in first day is correct, income of resources is wrong - there should be no income of them in first day
23__townview still clicking unit and then splitstack button then 2 click on hero causes crash, previously that crashed with "shift"
24_gamesystem with opened heroes mapeditor you can’t launch vcmi and visa versa, i think it’s about file sharing

and i have bad behaviour ( i think it’s because of no sound card, i’ll check with one later ) - that is a crash every time when i start moving hero - by mouse doubleclick or by move hero button or by ‘M’ on keyboard

#25 - When in battle, there is the same pain sound effect whenever something happens, such as an attack, or casting a spell, and sometimes when a unit is finished moving.

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#26 When there is no need to have a scroll bar (such as when only XL maps are shown), the scroll bar position marker moves to the top of the screen, as in the screenshot. :slight_smile:

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#27 - Elementals have morale.

#28 - Still Eye of the Dragon gives +2 morale, rather than +1 morale and +1 luck.

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#29 - Wrong icon when Tree of Knowledge requires 10 gems.

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#30 - Psychic and Magic Elementals attack from one square away, often causing a crash.

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when u press underground button it should also open underground map, however map stays same until u start moving trough minimap.



if you are in underground and u mark place to move somewhere it marks like u are not in undeground. dunno how to explain :smiley: but see sreenshots.

underground image ( tho there is no underground at all in map)

and this is how it looks in normal world


so the poin is that if u turn underground on and u mark places to move it does gets marked tho it shouldn’t as there is no underground but seems tha tunderground works liek normal world or so :slight_smile: i hope u understant

#33 Saving time differs form computer time by 3 hours. don’t look at minutes as it took some time to open game and so. but the point is that it shoudl be same as pc. as far as i remeber was in h3

#34 Monks shoots arrows not “power balls” or hwo to call them :expressionless:

#35 You should be able to load game by pressing twice left on it, but you can’t, need to press “load” button :slight_smile:
#36 Tactis ability doesn’t work
#37 Dragon flies don’t cast weakness
#38 taking “inexhaustible cart of lumber” and then ending turn always makes game crash. there were 2 same artifacts in game, so i tryed them both. crashed on both.
#39 Spyglass bug. look at screenshot ( it should add only 1 radius but it ads like 10 or so.)
#40 Cape of velocity does’t add +2speed, neither necklace of swiftness
#41 When u have full backpack of artifacts and u want to put items from your spots to back pack or so, it swaps items, not puts them in backpack.(or it was same at h3? :smiley: but i think not. )

should be enough for today :unamused:

This was reported in elder version and still unfixed because of right animation :slight_smile:

Now, I have more free time, well i check “more” this version and report if I’ll find bugs :slight_smile:

#42 - game still crash when in save game folder are not right save files, example, I have auto save form my compile version and this beta crash, I don’t know if it’s a bug, but i reported it :slight_smile:

#43 - it’s a another bug with scroll in map ( #26 report), if I have window with XXL map, list is completed and scroll appear but is unneeded, but if i scroll this and next click on list, highlighted is wrong item in list. Screen can help you understand:


^^ scroll is in bottom and is unneeded, I click on “Wojownicy” and “Dwa kraje” is highlighted.

#44 - if I click right button on Tavern and next move cursor in to City Hall, City Hall is not heighlighted

#45 - small bug in gui - " - in title

#46 - magic scrolls don’t have “pick up sound”
#47 - I can’t pick up “Pandora Box”
#48 - battle don’t end if I kill enemy by magic, I must make move to appear “end box”, there is also sound bug but I don’t know hot to describle it :slight_smile:


Fixed by Tow Dragon.


I was unable to reproduce this one.
Can you provide steps leading to this problem or savegame?

Same as #1


This one is not implemented feature.

Same as #4 probably.

I need more details to know if this is bug.
Monsters may have different morale than hero, because they receive some extra bonuses not listed in hero morale modifiers (same alignment +1, tavern in town +1, brotherhood of sword +2, presence of archangels +1). Is it a case?

Artillery skill is not implemented.

I will move all unresolved issues to the tracker when new version is released.

We haven’t found that graphic yet. has anyone idea which one is it?

Not implemented.

Many, many thanks for all the reports, I’ll bring more fixes soon :slight_smile:


all projectiles defs are started with ‘P’ except cprgogx.def -gog/magog, cprgre - m.gremlin, titan - cprgtix.def and monk/zealot

is my #21 )))) if i understood you, so OTHERS read both descriptions of the bug

For 3 Luck Bug, see savegame. Pick up the Cards of Prophecy (doing this one time caused a crash, which doesn’t seem to be easily reproducible) and the hero’s luck shows as three when it was zero before.

#49 - The direction a hero is oriented does not get saved in the savegame like they are in H3.

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VCMI_0-71b_WarOfTheMighty_3Luck.7z (126 KB)


Same bug. The engine plays the sound for the tile on the right of the hero. And in the case of #15 it tries to play the sound for border, which doesn’t exist. The bug is there:

client/CPlayerInterface.cpp:			newTerrain = cb->getTileInfo(path.nodes*.coord)->tertype;

I don’t know how to fix it, nor why there’s an off-by-one error.*

#50 When you set sound to lowest lvl, next time you start game it is still same. settings do not save.





I’m not observing this behaviour in H3. Even if I haven’t moved the slider, the OK button is active and clickable.
Screen from original H3:

Or should we treat this as a feature request?


Fixed. The hero position in the game is actually one tile to the right than “visible” hero position. Path uses internal (“h3m”) hero positions, so it needs to be converted (CGHeroInstance::convertPosition).