0.63c - development version

We’ve prepared a new development version for further testing. It will be probably released after several more fixes as 0.64 (hopefully on Nov 1).


Hiring heroes and tavern are only partially done.
Tavern window doesn’t have thief guild, gossips and animation. There is no guarantee that at least one hero of player alignment will be available in tavern. Finally, hero after hiring doesn’t disappear. Please, don’t recruit him again (=crash). That issue will be fixed in 0.64.
Sorry for inconvenience - it’s really big feature :wink:
vcmi_063c.7z (1.44 MB)

I’ve got a newly installed WinXP SP3 and it keeps on crashing when I open the latest 0.63c VCMI client or server executable, with or without the Comodo Firewall active. Any ideas?

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Could you put your log files on the forum? They should be in the main directory with VCMI.

Is it possible to make it so that instead of at least one hero being of the player’s alignment, its at least one hero of that town’s alignment? (If its a tavern on the adventure map it should be totally random)

It is but I don’t know if we should alter original H3 behaviour here. It rather can’t be considered to be a bug.

Here they are. Basically the game crashes as soon as it starts up.

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VCMI_Server_log.7z (192 Bytes)
vcmi_client_log.7z (333 Bytes)

Try attached binaries. I’ve added more logging so it’ll hopefully tell us where is the problem.
vcmi.7z (412 KB)

Bugs with prayer animation showed when stack is attacked and showing “getting hit” animation twice are fixed. Don’t report them here :slight_smile: