0.63 Release - Bug Reports

[size=75](I know I said I won’t be testing before the week-end, but I couldn’t help not giving the new release a quick try) :P[/size]

1 - The “sharp turn” movement path arrow, missing in the previous version, is now there, but showing incorrectly. It shows as green even if hero is out of movement points:

2 - After End Turn, the arrow disappears again:

3 - Also, I believe the arrow orientation is wrong. If we look at the 1st shot above, it’s not pointing towards the destination like in H3C, but actually more pointing back towards the previous arrow. EDIT: I actually just noticed that the arrow has actually 1 single orientation, matter not from which direction the hero is coming from. So it seems this is actually just not yet implemented.

4 - And a case of wrong hero path calculation.

First a screenshot with correct path calculation:

And now here is what happens if I choose to change the destination point with just 1 extra arrow, without changing the direction of the previous path:

We can see on the hero icon that he still has 1 movement point, and from the screenshot above we can see he could still move 1 tile. However, although arrows 2, 3 and 4 did not change at all on his path, arrow 1 changed from grass tile to a river tile, thus not allowing him to use the last movement point anymore.

In case this is not easy to reproduce on other maps ('cause each has it’s own geography), my screenshots are taken in the upper left corner of “The Battle of Daeyan’s Ford” map.

I did notice that sometimes heroes take a diagonal path when in regular H3 they would only use diagonals when the terrain obstacles make it necessary (or the last step when they only lose the remainder of the last movement points and not the full amount of a diagonal move).

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Indeed. And then we have to play with the movement arrows in order to force the hero to take the shortest path. Usually selecting a nearer destination does the trick. This is most probably related to bug #4 I mentioned above (if not they are one and the same thing).

I’ve just resolved (hopefully) all problems with pathfinder and adventure map interface - I think it’d be good to release a bugfix version of 0.63 when other bugs are fixed (we’ve received a few bugreports regarding battles on polish board).

The game crashed at the end of a battle (Castle hero and troops versus Magogs) but I tried other battles with Gogs or Magogs (and other creatures) and wasn’t able to get it to crash in the same way.

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5 - I’ve noticed the following console line while loading “The Battle of Daeyan’s Ford” map:

I tried starting the map over and over again with different alignments, and the error appears like 90% of the time, sometimes only 1 line, sometimes 2, but always the same message:
** “Cannot find a dwelling for creature 32”**

[size=75](Just for my knowledge: does it refer to Stone Golemns? And if yes - why - because I also tried to load the map with only “Castle” towns for example, and I still had the error? Thx)[/size]

It could be the Golem Factory - the 4 in 1 dwelling which allows purchase of all four types of golems (stone, iron, gold and obsidian) after defeating the guardian golems…

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Possibly. But why would it look for a Golem Factory, I wouldn’t know. I checked the map in Map Editor and there’s not Golem Factory supposed to be in there per default. And I also started the map in VCMI with all towns different than Tower, and I still had the error. That’s why I’m a bit confused and not sure it actually refers to Stone Golems. :neutral_face:

Yeah, a bit of a mystery. (Creature 32 is Stone Golem though.)

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Yes, it’s Stone Golem. VCMI can’t find a dwelling for Stone Golems, because it differs slightly from normal dwellings (it has other ID and offers also Diamond and Gold versions of Golems).
I hope I’ll fix this issue soon, thanks for the report.

That map has also several random castles and dwellings around them. One of random castles may become a Tower. Then a level 3 dwelling connected to that castle should be a Golem Factory but it’s not currently supported. So VCMI gives warnings here.


One time I learned twice as much (see image). :slight_smile: Also, which might not be completely a bad thing - it is possible to exit the level up dialog without making a secondary skill choice, which does not happen in regular H3. =)

Keep up the good work, and thank you for all your hard work!

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I’m looking at the image, and it actually looks like you learned twice the same thing. :mrgreen:

Well, it’s pretty much a bad thing:

  • first because one might press Enter by mistake thinking he/she selected something
  • second because we need to first recreate H3, and only after allow mod features

So I’m going to report here 2 things actually (and I’ll continue my list):

6 - When leveling up, the “Accept” button should not be accessible if one of the 2 secondary skills offered is not selected

7 - The keyboard shortcuts “1” and “2” for selecting one of the secondary skills offered do not work
[size=75](I know this is just a functionality not yet implemented, but as long as we’re busy with this window, maybe it’s best to implement the hotkeys already - better now than to risk and forget it later on)[/size]

But I know what you mean Steven. In the original game 20% of skills were pretty useless, and another 20% were useless only depending on the map and situation in game (e.g.: Navigation on a map w/o water).

There are 4 ways to avoid these unwanted secondary skills:

1. Allow the “Esc” key to cancel the window. This can be implemented at this stage already I guess. On one hand the players who want to play the original game without any alteration will not even notice the change, on the other hand it will be useful for those who hated that in H3 to have at least the option to refuse.

2. Change the window graphics/functionality by adding a “Reject/Cancel” button next to “Accept”. This is more delicate to implement at this stage, as *some *players might not like the interface change. As useful as it is, I know a couple of hardcore H3 fans who were a bit fanatic about JVC & NWC, and were always rejecting any sort of mod (for them it was part of the strategy learning to deal with an undesired secondary skill and wouldn’t have it any other way). I’m not sure if we should try to make everybody happy here. It’s not my call. But I guess this can easily be implemented as part of the first mod packet otherwise.

3. Implement the WoG secondary skill enhancements. If you played WoG with this option enabled, you know there practically no risk anymore of getting an undesired skill (or at least it dropped from 20% to perhaps only 2%). This of course, only after the basic game is finished, when the WoG mod will be added.

4. Implement a mod giving us 3 choices i/o 2. I’m not a big fan of Heroes 4, but I do admit at least some aspects of the game were a step ahead. One was the fact that Witch Huts did not force you to learn a certain skill anymore, and another was this - allowing you to choose between 3 skills i/o 2. It made a huge difference. You may get 2 bad choices, but the chance of getting 3 of them is so small, then you could as well make a screenshot of it to remember. :laughing:

@Tow: I just noticed that while I was creating this long post above, you were releasing the 0.63b. :slight_smile:

I’ll repost in the other thread whatever bugs are not corrected, but maybe you can give your feedback here about the 4 suggestions (in yellow above) regarding secondary skill choices at level up. Perhaps at least the 1st one could be added in the standard package? As once the standard game is ready, when we’ll want to play for real, it would indeed be annoying to still run into those dreaded choices (I’ve been playing WoG for too many years, I almost forgot about them).