0.62d - development version

A new version for testing is ready.
We wasn’t able to add all features you requested in the 0.62c thread but I think we have here quite much of them (as for 9 days of work).
I want to release this version without bigger changes as 0.63 possibly soon (maybe on Oct 1). We are interested mostly in the stability issues, but of course you may post all your suggestions and requests. :slight_smile:

I will be very grateful if someone prepare list with unresolved issues from the previous thread.

Changelog since 0.62c:

  • better animation handling in battles
  • VCMI won’t crash when units without start/end of walking animations are moved (ie. halberdier)
  • spells in the guild visible again
  • garrisons on adv. map again available from all directions
  • working Subterranean Gates, Monoliths
  • mostly done battle options (although they’re not saved)
  • minimap shows all flaggable objects (towns, mines, etc.)
  • directional attack in battles
  • fixed bug with levelling up
  • fixed pictures of secondary skills in hero window (in left - click popups)
  • added handling of navigation, logistics, pathfinding, scouting end estates secondary skill
  • artifact info in backpack
  • artifacts we pick up go to the appropriate slot (if free)
  • added receiving exp (and leveling-up) after a won battle
  • added support for archery, offence and armorer secondary abilities
  • hero’s primary skills accounted for damage dealt by creatures in battle
  • magical hero are given spellbook at the beginning
  • added initial secondary skills for heroes

Changelog since 0.62 is in the package.

Known bugs:

  1. On Windows Vista MS Redist. pack must be installed (microsoft.com/downloads/deta … laylang=en )
  2. Shipyard is available even if there is no water near town
  3. Wrong horde building info in town hall screen

    vcmi_062d.7z (1.43 MB)

No level up crash bugs that I noticed. :slight_smile: Heroes now start with secondary skills. Garrisons can now be passed through, and Subterranean Gates and Monoliths appear to be working. Map objects seem to be visitable now from the correct directions, although the pathfinder arrows aren’t always correct.

However melee attacks don’t seem to be working at all in this build (so the only way to win battles is with ranged units).

(Also when I started my first map with a starting artifact, in this case a Breastplate of Petrified Wood, and either when unequipping it or re-equipping it, the game crashed.)

Also creatures (or what’s left of them :wink:) of both sides disappear when a battle is won or lost.

Best regards,

Fixed. Thanks for quick feedback :slight_smile: .

This one is really strange… we’ll look at it.

This problem is already known ;].

Also there doesn’t appear to be a context-sensitive cursor in battle. You can still attack and move creatures but the cursor is just the ordinary H3 arrow.

Best regards,

This bug was connected with that one which disallowed melle attacks and has also been fixed ;].

Well, I saw the announcement about 0.63, so I guess any further testing on this dev built is obsolete, right?

I didn’t manage to really test this because - as mentioned at the Tavern - I’m having quite a busy time at work, so only time for testing in the week-ends.

Oh… and one more thing to add, regarding what you said on the other thread…

…well then, I better do my best this week-end to find the last remaining bugs, to have an as clean as possible 0.7. :smiley:

[size=75]PS: If you choose to ignore a user on this forum, does that person see it? Anyway, if you get an “you have been ignored by” msg Tow, that was just me hitting the wrong button while trying to quote a post of yours.[/size] :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, basically 0.63 is 0.62d with several bugfixes (melee atack, some possible crashes).

No problem. I will also have way less time for developing VCMI since my academic year has started today. :slight_smile:

No, there is no info sent. I’ve also a few times accidentally clicked on “ignore” instead of quote. :wink: