0.62b - development version

Finally I’m releasing new development versions for testing. For convenience I’ve created a new thread - all issues regarding this release should be reported here.


  • very significant optimization of battles
  • fixes for Windows Vista
  • battle summary window
  • fixed crashbug on exiting battle
  • mostly done morketplace
  • confirm window is shown before retreat
  • it’s possible to use other port than 3030 by passing it as an additional argument
  • removed some redundant warnings
  • stack queue in battle (shows when ‘c’ key is pressed)
  • partially done spellbook
  • fixed crashbug with battles on swamps and rough terrain
  • counterattacks
  • heroes learn spells in towns
  • it’s possible to attack enemy hero
  • setting army formation
  • fixed bug with disappearing head of a hero in adventure map
  • some objects are no longer accessible from the top
  • no tooltips for objects under FoW
  • working resource silo
  • neutral monster army disappears when defeated
  • Alt+F4 quits the game
  • several minor improvements

Known problems:

  1. On Windows Vista MS Redist. pack must be installed ( microsoft.com/downloads/deta … laylang=en )
  2. Shipyard is available even if there is no water near town
  3. Wrong horde building info in town hall screen
  4. Entering mage guild crashes if no spells available (e.g. Heroes of might not magic map)
  5. Lighthouse in Castle not present even if shipyard is built

Download link: vcmi.eu/vcmi_062b.7z

Test it! :slight_smile:


I had quite a list to report here, but I guess I’ll have to double check them all now that 0.62c is out.

But what I want to still point out in this thread, is the fact that finally - as of 0.62b - I don’t have anymore the problem with the console which used to remain open quite often after I was closing the game.

thumbs up :wink: