Welcome to our board! A few words about VCMI Project


will this work on win98 se?


If we had a developer using win98, VCMI would run on this platform. I think that win98 is not very popular among C++ developers so probably VCMI will never support it.


You guys rock!! My entire family and relatives play WoG … we are at least 10 people with different backgrounds aged 7-67. When we meet for family get-togethers, there is always a WoG game or two running :open_mouth: … we look very much forward to help out testing your excellent work!! Way to go!!

WoG fans in Denmark … :exclamation:


Thanks to every member of the team, thanks to all the tester.

I downloaded VCMI0.64 and test in my computer. It works well, although it is still not perfect.

I wonder, when will VCMI be playable.

We are all faithful fans of h3 and wog. I’d like to spread the news to more fans in China.


I think VCMI will be playable in the Fall 2009 or even later. We are working on the new version which will bring many significant improvements (ie. battle AI) but a lot of things remain to be done.

PS: thanks for your appreciation :).


will be avaiable linux build. i think make etc or package like .deb (not wine work but more like without wine) or optimalizate vcmi-gecko:)


This looks like a really great project. It will be really great to be able to play on a map with 12 different alignments (and I really hope one of those will be an alignment of Sea creatures :p). I’m not sure if I’ll have time to help with the testing in the near future, but good luck with the project!


now thats super awesome project! :sunglasses: i wish luck for u guys, seems u are doing great job and on half way to finish it :wink:


Great job guys. All you need now is a little awareness on net.
I bet there are tons of old players who will love to test this.
Long live heroes 3.


Is it possible to make 16 players in game instead of 8 players. Now there are 9 races in HoMM but 8 players((


Yes, it’s possible, but we need graphics for additional players (quite a lot of them).


It runs natively on Linux withot wine, & it is OpenSource (GNU GPL)!


I agree w/ you absolutely!

Nothing goods comes from the slave software (people of the Earth will get few from it). We need not any another HMM3 just developped by some code selfmining little group. They just go the way of other stupid fanatic coders dreaming they can get some money on their work. But this is illusiion no matter what they say/dream/do. Fututre always will be after will of all (whole Earth) the people and their determination on what to do, rather than a small quantity of people. VCMI is just another project that today is and tomorrow abandoned. While the free project will live forever as new generaions of Earth will carry it on. It the destiny: look on Linux for example.

And i guess free people (programmers, designers, players) have to gather together and write their own free code for HMM3+WoG altogether to make this great game free (well working) and even greater (more new features)!

Because just idiots! Let’s forsake about 'em.

There are more extended brain people attempts to do the same.

I here also came thinking it is free software, now i leave the dreamers.

[size=84]MOD EDIT: Merged two ranting posts. @Sthu.Deus: When visiting the website/forum of a project you’re not familiar with, it’s basic courtesy to take 5-10 minutes to read either the homepage, or a fairly recent project description post, so that you’re a bit up to date with where the project stands. At the time of your posts, our homepage says in 5 different places that we’re open source[/size]. Any discussion on this subject in the past couple of years, in various forum topics, is mentioning the same. So finding a 5-year old discussion and reacting on that, looks pretty much like out of place trolling.


Seems some open source fanatic someone of developers liked.


Sthu.Deus, VCMI is under GPL v2+ license since a few years ago.


Why do you even bother about some GNU/fascist? Nothing except time waste ever comes from talking to such morons.


I could have deleted his posts but I don’t like doing it. Well, maybe you’re right.


Hey you, awesome guys, keeping your wording, If you would spend a second to see the posting addressed you would know what it refered to and why. In case it harsh, please next time ponder on what you gonna do BEFORE you do. Or just be satisfied w/ others’ reflections on your doing, opinion, etc.

I’m very, very glad that finally people helped you to change your – seems to me – unwise yet skillful mind.
So, i will gladly participate in whatever i can basicaly testing and sharing ideas on project improvements.

As i said only together we all will make the game great!


Ok, lets take a minute of mercy and wisdom…

If you have had spend a second on VCMI, you wouldn’t wrote such fanatic piece of lies. Now when you know, you were wrong, you should simply say “I’m sorry, please forgive my ignorance”, not defending your lost position. But it’s common for most religious believers to keep following their insane and ridiculous statements for a century after they’re proven wrong.

Shall I quote? The words ‘distrust’, ‘boycott’, ‘slave software’, ‘people of the Earth’, ‘selfmining little group’, ‘stupid fanatic coders’ and the most accurate:

So, FYI: Linux is written by pragmatic engineers, not devoted fanatics. There is one GNU/religion guru, RMS, who wrote his operating system without editor (emacs), and since 20 years tries to write real GNU/OS, named Hurd, but he miserably fails. In fact, most of GNU/software is either abandoned or shoddy, unless it was enforced by some external, usually commercial help with paid programmers - like Linux itself, gcc (egcs was not GNU), glibc (libc).

I’m not saying GNU was irrevelant - it gave some base ideas, but then it turned out that there are better ways to develop software than following strictly GPL (especially v3). In fact most of the most valuable OSS projects are not GPL, like PostgreSQL which is undoubtely superior to MySQL in every single database application (well, unless you application is related to randomness or chaos).

Are you serious? You have absolutely no right to insult anyone for decisions about their own code, doesn’t matter if it was eventually opened, unless you have paid or contributed in any way (money, hardware, infrastructure, services, coding, artwork, cooking, babysitting).

Start with mantis and debugger.

It’s funny, that people without any usable skills (except playing games) think, that “they all together” make something. Show us please, what have you accomplished till now? A single contribution to any open source project, you must have done many of them if you dare to speak such words, don’t you?



Thanks for the support. But I’d rather see this discussion cool down, instead of hijacking the topic.


Following your last post, we’re happy you’re happy. And we’re looking forward to see you join the testing efforts to help catch bugs and behaviors which are not according to the original H3 (just read the guidelines before to avoid creating duplicate/redundant reports).

However please refrain from using any further insults on this board. I understand the open source aspect was a touchy subject for you, but now that it’s clarified, I hope it ends here. Any disagreements you may have in the future with certain coding/creative decisions of the devs, I expect you to tackle that with constructive, civilized arguments and no personal attacks or anything of the kind.

For the record, the devs refused any kind of donations from the very beginning, when the project was still closed source (you’ll find threads on this board on this topic). So nobody’s in for the money here. On the contrary, they’ve already dedicated about 7 years of their lives to this and all the while paying for the servers of this board and others related from their own pocket. As Tow said himself years ago, the initial decision was not final, just not a priority at the time. Nobody’s born with all the answers, so they had to investigate and weigh the pluses and minuses, before taking a decision which could have potentially be wrong. Hate campaigns never help. “Oh, this guy called me ‘stupid’ and ‘idiot’, so he must be right, so maybe I should go open source” - it doesn’t work like this.

This was to give you a better picture of how things stand. Don’t hate someone just because of a different opinion. Maybe they are open for discussion. Give it a try. Give them a chance to lay down their arguments and they’ll also listen to you. Once you go “open” is not really a way back, so logically starting “closed” is sometimes the cautious approach until you’ve made your mind about it. That’s it. No more discussions on this topic after this post please. The subject is outdated and the final decision is what you wanted, so any more open source crusading or insults will be considered trolling, and I’ll delete all posts from the beginning of the discussion.

Thanks for understanding,