Welcome to our board! A few words about VCMI Project

In VCMI you cannot even cast an existing spell.

You will be able to make your own spell in the future, when mod support is done.

At the moment you can prepare a graphics for your spell (look for graphics of existing spells to compare), an animation of it (if it’s a battle spell) or a sound (wav file). But it won’t be used for months.

What mod? VCMI is an engine, not mod.

Just stumbled across all this. Pretty neat what you guys are doing here. Couple questions, with your project is 32-bit color suported? And can you change the resolution? My issue is i want to run the game in windowed mode on a 2nd monitor, but i would like the window to be the size of the screen. To do that I have to run my primary monitor in 16-bit which i do not want to do.

VCMI can be run in 32-bit depth screen mode (it’s even recommended), but resoultion is a much more complicated issue. Running in resolution other than 800x600 (or in windowed mode) isn’t planned to be supported while it would be necessary to create a lot of new graphics and code.

I see, very nice. Is this possible with your current version, and if so how do i enabled 32-bit?

Yes, ti’s possible in current version and you don’t have to change anything in game settings.

I am a fan of heroes 3, like all of you. So I’m very happy to see an ambitious project here. As an college student majoring in computer engineering, I am eager to do something to support this project during my spare time. But somehow I am discouraged since it’s not source open. Will it ever be open and how can I participate in it ?
– A heroes III fan in China.

It will be open when we consider it to be a good decision. Don’t forget that opening our sources will make all reversed heroes 3 formats (i.e. h3m) and our future map formats publically available. I’m not sure if it’s good.

To participate in our project you should tell us somethinng about yourself - which programming languages you know, if you have developed any application above 5k lines of code, which libraries are you familiar with etc. Ten we will consider your application.

Why would opening a proprietary format be a bad thing?

It’s continuation of the WoG Team policy, we don’t see any serious reasons to break it.
Publishing info about h3 formats would make possible different abuses on tournament scene and cause chaos. We think it’s better if knowledge is available to people who will make a good use of it. Everyone who has skills and interesting ideas is invited to our Team and can rely on our help. We haven’t closed ourselves in the ivory tower. However we don’t think that giving all our knowledge about H3 formats to the whole world would come to good to the H3 society.

I still don’t think that it’s a good idea to keep VCMI closed source…
See this article, specially the “People will cheat”-Part for Reasons why…

It is generally right but it applies to projects made from scratch with their own formats. It says that opening source (and therefore formats) is right because it may help in improving them and making more secure. If someone finds a way to cheat we may change format and make it impossible. Truth. However we can’t modify original H3, which is still played, so h3m format can’t be improved (at least until VCMI will be able to replace H3).

Well, but you can implement safer methods of loading the maps (such as comparing the MD5 between map files when joining a server or loading a savegame) to make sure nobody is able to cheat…

In VCMI we can but we cannot add such methods to H3 which is still played.

Hello wog team!

I am more than happy to know that such thing as remaking of heroes is active at the moment,and you have my full support.

maybe i‚m a little bit hasty,but i was wondering if you could tell me- is there going to be “in the future” a lan support.or is there any possibilities to create a game in which multi players will play in same turns?

if you need ideas for creating units or any mysterious or magical thoughts please tell.
after all i realize that all things you are working at the moment are very important,but it is the chant and magic that keeps the gamers play homm3.so i think it is very important to create some very serious looking units and buildings…

im not a computering type of guy :slight_smile: so i am not aware of problems you are currently in!
i can help you in essential terms such as art and idea!

i am very concern of :how will the new creatures,items,buildings,spells look like and be playable!so this is why i write this note to you.

thank you for everithing you have done,it is only your free will and not the money which i deeply respect that keeps the homm evolving!

We are going to support it. It could be even done in this year.

Yes, there wuld be, if only we had a good idea how to resolve tile access conflicts and many other things not making it an RTS.

I think we would need such help only if you are going to make a mod to VCMI and would like to use those ideas.

Yes, I know, but current version isn’t even playable. But I’m almost sure that first playable version will have some additional functionalities.

At the moment the most appreciated ideas are those covering many technical issues. But in the future you will be able to create new mods!

Don’t worry, we are going to make every change optional, but in a more organized way than in WoG - we are going to implement support for mods, which would be predefined rulesets with additional graphics / sounds / etc. I like the way it’s done in Spring ( spring.clan-sy.com/ ) and want to reproduce it. This works very good in that game.

I am having the same problem, VCMI crashes when I run it. I tried reinstalling Heroes3, but this did not fix it.

It crashes right after the console prints this:

Initializing screen, fonts and sound handling: 312
Loading .lod files: 16
Scanning Data/ and Sprites/ folders: 0
Preparing first handlers: 0
Preparing players’ colours: 0

In visual studio we get additional information:

Unhandled exception at 0x7c812a5b in VCMI.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: std::out_of_range @ 0x0012fc2c.

Is there a missing file? Or did I put the thing in the wrong directory?
“Data and sprites folders:0” seems wrong.

Interesting note: the .zip I downloaded does not seem to have any items in the /Sprites folder.

IIRC such errors occure when you have inappropriate palette files. Put vcmi.eu/PLAYERS.PAL file into Data/Folder and if the VCMI still crashes paste log (it should go at least a little further).

/Sprites folder should be empty by default, it’s for replacing animations.

Keeping it closed source is selfish and won’t benefit the comunity in any significant way more than WoG can. I encourage the h3 players community to distrust these people and boycott VCMI until they open up the source and show that they really care about keeping H3 alive.

Well, evil and closed WoG benefited the community quite much. Comparisons with WoG are complimentary for me :slight_smile:

If you were not using closed source browser, I would deem you as a fanatic. Now it’s only the hypocrisy, so I don’t think that we are the people who should be distrusted.

Of course, we were working for over the year on VCMI only because our vile selfness. Eh, I wish there were more such “selfish” and “don’t caring about keeping H3 alive” people as members of WoG Team or VCMI Team.
And I’m curious what such altruistic man as you did for the H3 community, except of insulting and blackmailing people, who are trying to do something?

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