WOG introduced feature called WOGification.
WOGification randomly replaces some objects on the map with random new WOG map objects.
This allows to give some freshness to original H3 maps

Is there any chance for implementing something similar in VCMI?

VCMIfication could do following:

:arrow_right: replace some of creatures on the map with new* creatures of same level
:arrow_right: replace some of artifacts on the map with new* artifacts of same category (minor, major, relic)
:arrow_right: replace some of dwellings on the map with new* creature dwellings of same level

    • new objects added by mods

I think that optional random object replacement on map load should not be difficult to implement.
This probably can be as simple as few additional if statements in h3m parser

if(vcmification == true && rand()<0.1) {
 creature_id = get_random_creature_id();

Yes, but we would like to have brand new RMG for that. WHich could have more options and more improvements. Also, more logic than scattering random objects all around the map.

This will help renew some old maps created for old factions I think.

Random map genererator is completely different thing.

I don’t want to generate new random maps.
By VCMIfication i mean ability to play existing maps created for original heroes with all new features that haven’t existed when those maps were created.

For example WOGification allowed you to play original build-in campaigns with new WOG content available in them (by replacing random amount of old objects with new objects from WOG)