I haven’t found the “dwarven treasury”. Where can I find it?

Is there possibility to choose specified version?
If I want to choose any version in “column C” i.e. 74 the sheet shows nothing.

Didn’t I post the list of Creature Banks? Of course I did.

I was also confused by that. There is only “Creature Banks” in that list, but it refers to all these type of AdvMap locations. Full list was posted by Warmonger here.

Yes, that’s a bit annoying, but I think there’s nothing we can do (I guess it’s a Google docs limitation). A workaround would be to click on the top of the column (i.e.: Column C) and you’ll have them ordered by release.

I knew that Warmonger made the list, but I was also confused because i.e. Crypt or Derelict Ship is on the list but Dwarven Treasury not.

Yes, I know that.

Thanks guys for explanation.


Good point. :wink: Maybe one of the devs can clarify if there’s actually a reason behind that as well (same as Garrisons or Magic Plains appear twice in that list).

That list is just copied from documentation of ERM which describes how it’s done internally in original Heroes III.