VCMI Map Editor - game crashing when loading a map


a new map editor that was published on VCMI Facebook fanpage works pretty fine, however, when I try to play a map that contains any new objects from mods (new dwellings, new banks, even new decoration) - the game crashes. Therefore playing a new map with e.g. Horn of the Abyss content is basically impossible.

Some other users of Acid Cave have the similar problem, some, however, say that everything works fine for them. What could create such a problem on my PC? I’m using GOG version of HoMM3, I have special folder with HoMM3 Complete, VCMI and nothing more (just in case other mods or add-ons could make a mess), I downloaded the most recent version of VCMI (daily build from 02.01) and I tried to use both 32- and 64-version of the editor map (no difference when loading a map).

Please help, the map editor is something that can make VCMI actually playable on regular basis for me and I’m sad that when it’s finally here, published in alpha version, I can’t play maps created with it.

Thanks in advance,
Ami (Hobbit)

Please upload your map and VCMI_editor.log. Next time please use bugtracker.

Sorry, one of VCMI Contributors told me to ask on this forum. Here are the files:

VCMI-log-and-map.rar (3.2 KB)