VCMI crash trying to run with mac install data

I couldn’t get super far, I disabled a few resource loads that aren’t there (TENTCOLR and CMPMUSIC), but I’m now stuck in CCreatureHandler::loadLegacyData(). It is looping indefinitely on:

while (parser.isNextEntryEmpty())

The dataSize value seems greater than the actual size (155 but only 122 in there), and hardcoding 122 for the dataSize (replacing VLC->settings()->getInteger(EGameSettings::TEXTS_CREATURE)) ends up with bad memory crashers.

I may have managed to get through the crashes by removing the last two entries in ESpellID as it seems this game has only 80 entries. But then the engine spits a lot of warnings and errors about invalid data. For example:

Warning! Artifact rarity not recognized!
Error: Key must have one of predefined values
Error: Required entry animationTime is missing
Error: Required entry timeBetweenFidgets is missing

and eventually asserts:

(objects[index] == nullptr), function loadObject, file IHandlerBase.h, line 108

scope: core, name: ammoCart, index: 148

Maybe browsing this mod will help with disabling some non-RoE features?

Thanks, I installed the mod but somehow I do not see any difference.