VCMI 0.83 released!

GZ Tow and Tow Dragon
you get it accepted as university project
so you can merge needed and wanted

now you can spend more time on VCMI giving that you can say you working on university project :mrgreen:

as for battle interface - could you provide more features during refactoring?
I mean it would be great if new version of BattleInterface would be ready for changes which are now not possible
the one i think now is battle screen scrolling and scroll-following the moving creature - it is needed for low resolutions
but the thought is general - I mean after refactoring the battle Interface should be easier to alter, and doit once great, so you wouldn’t needthe second refactoring

Basically that’s the point of what I want to do. But I"m don’t think scrolling is a priority. Tow is going to make scrolling a part of GUI system and doing another, unrelated scrolling implementation would be wrong.

Primarily I’m going to focus on:

  • different speed of animations for different creatures according to original config file data
  • better ordering of displayed creatures
  • more advanced and probably text file-customizable stack animation beginning conditions

The last one is actually more laborious than difficult and I’d like to make just a general framework and have somebody fill it with necessary conditions.

I’m a Bachelor Computer Science Student in Braunschweig, Germany. I wanted to do the same in February. Can I join you?

Skills: C++ (with Templates etc.)
SDL (a bit)
Computer Graphics (but mainly Ray Tracing)
Modding Experience

Please write me an Email:


This is wonderful news (I think). :slight_smile:

Given the circumstances, the timing of my above request was not the best then, but what we might get instead is even better so no bummer on my side. :slight_smile:

Good luck then with the AI sub-project! And let us know if there’s anything we could help with. [size=75] I’ve already posted some ideas for a better battle AI in the General Discussion section - see links - but it’s incomplete work, as I didn’t expect working on battle AI to start so soon, so I don’t know if it is of any help.[/size] :-/

I’m now in the middle of major rewrite in the engine, so I fear I won’t have time for many fixes for 0.84. But when my changes are finished, bugs will get their focus.
I certainly do want to have VCMI pretty stable and without major bugs before undertaking work on 0.9 that’ll incur more major changes.

It’s true, I and Tow Dragon are quite busy nowadays. Now I spend all my VCMI time on bonus system, because I’m the only one capable of rewriting it and that feature is now a blocker for other features. That’s why recently there are no bugfixes from me.

To precise: the subject of the project is not to write an AI, we will create a framework allowing testing and comparing various battle AIs. That’ll include possibility of running battle only game (may be interesting as special MP mode) and automatic “tournaments” between set of AIs. But even if everything goes right, they will be written by the next year students (so not soon :frowning: ).

VCMI is an open project, any help will be welcomed :slight_smile:
For a long time the biggest missing part of game is an AI, especially its “adventure” (non-battle) part. If you could pick it up, it would be great. Even fixing (or rewriting) it to undertake basic game actions would be an significant improvement.

You can ask all your questions on this forums (feel free to create thread in development board), so information will be available to other developers as well.

Well I want to write my bachelor thesis about it…
I need to convince a prof to allow it.

So I have I few questions:

At which University are you?
Whats the name of your prof?
How did you convince your prof thats a good idea to allow you study work at VCMI?
Can your prof maybe convince my prof that writing an AI is a good topic for an bachelor thesis?
Where are you guys from?
Do you have skype? I realy would like to talk to you. Or call you.

I realy want to find work at a game studio after finishing study. Writing an AI would be a great reference.
We can talk more private if you like.

Just write me a PM or an emai :slight_smile:

Hey, guys! What’s going on? Everything seems a little bit too peaceful, so I’m worried you guys have stopped developing VCMI. Can we expect any major releases any time soon?

If you want to know if we are doing something, then look at our source code repository: . Recently there is a lot of commits, new features and bugfixes.

Since last release Tow has redesigned an important piece of VCMI, what makes further development significantly easier. Unfortunately, many already implemented features have been broken. We have to fix the most obvious bugs first, then make a few devreleases before we can make a general release. We can’t do these things before February 1st so the next version (0.84) will come out on March 1st.