VCMI 0.7b - development version

When a hero is selected, map movement is locked apart from movement of the hero (except for Ctrl + Arrow). However you might want to move the map further than the immediate map shown near the hero. :slight_smile:

[EDIT] I think the screen might be stuck for everything except Ctrl + Arrow after a dialog box is closed, but this is just a guess.

Also it would be great if the picking up of resources, chests or artifacts would make them fade out gradually, rather than disappearing suddenly. =)

Keep up the good work!

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Ad #1 - prisons are not yet implemented

Ad #8 - no, it’s something different. I’ve encountered this bug once but unfortunately I didn’t debug it immediately and I couldn’t reproduce even once.

Ad #9 - I’ll try to fix it soon.

Ad #12 - because WoG config files don’t mark them as two hex creatures. But I’ll fix it.

Ad #13 and #14 - yes, thanks. I’ll correct it.

Ad #19 and #20 - I’ll try to fix it.

Ad #21 - spell book should never be in back pack anyway…

Ad #23 - it’s not yest implemented

Ad #28 - the same as #20

Hehe… I think I like this “bug”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know it may be an exploit, but still, it was a bit annoying in H3 to know you’re pretty much doomed to get a certain choice, and only that, for the next level up. It was only with the WoG skill rebalancing that it didn’t bother me anymore. :slight_smile:

I guess you can reproduce it based on my attached file…

Yep, I’ve been playing WoG for so long, that I didn’t remember if spell books in backpack was in the original game as well or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed. I’ve added also support for Prison functionality.

It works but you have to set it again before loading a game. It will be improved later.



Remains on “to be resolved” list. (#62)

It’s a feature!


Seems to be fixed.





This was only because there were way too many dud skills in H3 compared to H2. In H2 the only real dud skills were Eagle Eye and (depending on the map) Navigation. In H3 there is Mysticism (because it had not been adjusted for H3’s cost of spells), Eagle Eye, arguably Armorer and Resistance (unless you had a hero with one of these specialties), Estates (not adjusted for the real cost of troops etc.), Sorcery, First Aid and Navigation (on low water maps).

So it’s really just that standard H3 has too many dud skills. :smiley: With skill rebalancing (either in WoG or when VCMI is further along the development path) there will be few dud skills (maybe only Navigation on a non-water map).

So I agree with you that it doesn’t really matter what choice you get, as long as practically all secondary skills are worth having. :wink:

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What I meant here was that even after you press the ok button and have closed the level up window you can no longer move the with the mouse you have to either move it with arrow keys the rest of the game or reload the map. I realize I should have been more clear. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can confirm that after a level-up, the mouse can’t move the adv. map unless you reload the map.

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When in combat and a creature is attacking in melee, it seems the direction of attack can only be changed by pulling the cursor off the creature being attacked and put it back. In H3 you can keep the cursor on the creature being attacked and change attack orientation by moving the cursor (without de-selecting the creature to be attacked).

Also, you probably know this but the obstacles in combat are not currently matched to the correct terrain.

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#29 - Depending on what you do before you visit a Windmill, you will get different resources. All Windmills should have random resources (except for Wood) allocated for the first visitor before the first player gets his turn at the start of M1 W1 D1, and subsequent weeks the random resources should be set and unchangeable (for the first visitor during the week) immediately the Week has started.

Check out the attached save game. :slight_smile: For example, if you hire Gunnar at the town that doesn’t have a Fort, the Windmill near Kyrre will give different resources than if you get Kyrre to visit the Windmill closest to her before doing anything else. And depending on other combinations of what you do the Windmill resources will be different - even though the save was made immediately after the game and Week had started. :slight_smile:

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DifferentWindmillResources.7z (95 KB)

no it’s not
when you change resolution BEFORE loading game it appears not to change

It’s actually working fine for me. I tried it right now and was able to set the resolution before loading a game and saw the change when the map loaded. Tested all of the different resolution settings.

Oh, I see. Sorry, didn’t understand that at first time :stuck_out_tongue:
Fixed as far as I can say.

It’s analogical issue to #24. VCMI generally picks all random resources/skills and so on at visit/gaining time.
It might wanted or useful (I generally more like current behaviour) and I rather won’t fix it soon (much work, complicated synchronizing between clients). It may become an optional feature later.

Works for me…
Can you give exact steps to reproduce the problem?

In Single Player games (when you can gain real advantage with reloading skills etc.) wouldn’t it be better to fix all level-ups (given a certain group of skills for that hero), resources and skills at the start of the game (or Week)? After all, it could really mess up a Single Player map if, for example, you could reload to get all the powerful skills (such as Expert Logistics, Expert Wisdom, Expert Intelligence etc.) for all your main heroes from the minimum amount of level-ups, when normally hero type and existing skills would have a more important role. Different level-ups when reloading would also give you a big advantage over AI players who couldn’t reload. In games where the challenge is the map rather than the other players, I think it would make sense to actually fix certain things at the start of the game or Week rather than decide on the fly. What do you think?

What do other people think? :bulb:

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I think that if player likes challenges, he won’t abuse save/load possibility to gain advantage. If someone likes having terribly powerful heroes and easily defeating all enemies… well, why should we ruin his games? Btw cheats are still present, so if someone is not playing “fair”, they can be still used to easily overcame challenges.

However, if there will be more votes for changing this behaviour, I’ll do it.

It’ll be eventually an option anyway :wink:

Probably fixed recently by Tow Dragon.

Ad #9, #12 - fixed
Ad #19 - I’ve added a bit more logging there so it should be easier to track
Ad #20 - I investigated this problem and it occured that only trying to cast not implemented spell makes that animation hang. Which spell did you cast?

I’ve also fixed some older problems regarding animations on battlefield.

It would probably be a good idea to split up all the wandering monster stacks as in H3 - in latest VCMI all you need to block practically all damage is to have a fast creature in the middle attacking stack. (And even almost wipe out the wandering monster stack on the first turn if the middle attacking stack is powerful enough. :slight_smile:)

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i’m pretty sure I used bloodlust, bless and magic arrow to test it. and that all of them had the bug. bloodlust and bless hangs until next spell and magic arrow during it’s fly time. can test it again soon so I’m sure if those were the spells that hanged for me.

And AFAIK all of these spells are implemented right?

EDIT: After checking this a little more i realized that the hero animation should be there during the entire casting of the spell. that is during magic arrows “fly time” for example. The animation still hangs tho when casting Curse, Bloodlust and Bless (probably other spells too cause i’ve only tested these).

Yes, these spells are implemented. Thanks for listing them, now I can fix it ;].

hello again!
got some battle improvements that i would like to see. :slight_smile:
Some of these “bugs” has probably already been noticed but I wanted to report them since i think they’ll improve the overall smoothness in battle.

#30 Creatures tend to stop for a short while at every hex when you move them in battle. Easier to see if you choose the fastest animation speed.

#31 Flying creatures should move diagonal, directly to the hex chosen. not follow the hexes as other creatures does.

#32 When attacking a creature they should both turn so they’re facing each other (if needed) before anyone have attacked.

It should behave like this: Both or one of them turns so they’re facing each other–>Creature attacks–> Creature2 retaliates --> both/one of them turn away as needed.

Atm VCMI behaves like this: Attacking creature turns --> Creature attacks --> Creature turns away —> Creature2 turns --> Creature2 retaliates --> Creature2 turns away.

#33 Enemy creatures can walk on obstacles. even tho the hexes are correctly occupied [for friendly units]. (maybe reported or noticed already).

Also a suggestion: I don’t know if this is possible but it would be nice if the mouse cursor could be forced to stay in the window at all times this would make scrolling the with the mouse much easier. ATM you have to be careful when scrolling the with the mouse so you don’t move the cursor outside the window (which is really annoying when it happens, sometimes it interrupts the scrolling and such). Holding the ctrl button could then in addition to stop the scrolling also make it possible to move the cursor outside the window. (maybe have it as an option :question:)

#34 There’s some differenses at the result screen at the end of a battle.

#34 a) Background: The Background should be grayed out and all the creatures should still be there. ATM in VCMI all creatures dissappears when the end screen comes up.

#34 b) Experience information isn’t there.

#34 c) Text is difference. Tho i do think i like the VCMI text size better, both at hero names and casualty information. Hero/Creature names at top should still be left/right aligned tho imo.

#34 d) There should also be a shadow on the lower and right side of the window. Can be seen at least on the lower side in the picture. rest is clipped away.