VCMI 0.73 - Bug reports

On the other hand, once they work again, it would be nice if InfoWindow displayed its components in two equal rows if their amount exceeds 5.

Not reproducible for me.


AFAIR fixed


The code responsible for creature animations in battles has been completely reorganized. If this is still present, it has completely different cause (think of it as if it were fixed).

Perhaps again one of those bugs that occurs only after loading a game? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Anyway, it seems to be from a dev version only, as I tried it in 0.73 (to see if it’s reproducible) and Cyclop’s Stockpile is not supported yet. Like this I actually also noticed it’s missing from the vcmi-status sheets in GoogleDocs, together with other similar map objects. // EDIT2: Hmm… or is it simply included in the “Creature Banks” category? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi GrayFace,

I know it’s long time since your report on this, but should you still visit this place in order to notice this, could you please explain what is the actual bug you’d like to point out? I see the creatures have in battle a shadow and, when the case, a yellow glow selection frame. I see a discrepancy in the way the yellow glow behaves, but I don’t see a discrepancy between H3 and VCMI in regards to the shade.

I guess I’m either missing something, or else this has been fixed in the meantime, as part of some changes not triggered by this bug report.

But if this is still an issue, it’d be better if it’s clarified. Feel free to answer here or on the bugtracker.


EDIT: Please disregard. I got a msg from GrayFace clarifying what the bug is about. I’ll prepare some screenshots and upload them on Mantis.

#85 during combat, if few stacks of creatures stands in a row hex by hex, second creature “stands” on first creature’s amount number (which you couldn’t see)

#86 during siege, when defending creatures comes out of castle, shooting creatures of attacker anyway do 1/2 of dmg.

sorry for poor english :slight_smile:

Oh man… it’s 0.73 thread, how did you even find it?

Try here.

@Lordas Tomas: Hello, and welcome to the forum.

As Warmonger said, this is an old topic for an outdated release. For bugs on the new releases, we’re not using the forum anymore, but a bugtracking portal. For more details, please first read the “Documentation and guidelines for users” section on wiki:

As for the 2 bugs you reported above, I believe they could be related to two other Bug Reports on Mantis, so you don’t need create reports for them there again. I think what you reported as #85 is related to existing Mantis report #37, and #86 may be related to Mantis report #152.

You’ll find all details about which bugs to report and how in the wiki link I gave above, but basically - to avoid creating duplicate reports - please first use the Search functionality on THIS page, using various possible keywords, to make sure the issue was not reported before. We have over 200 open reports, so duplicates only make defect management more difficult.

Thanks for understanding and for your interest in our project. We hope you’ll enjoy testing and being part of this effort. Feel free to report any new bugs (other than what we know of as explained above) and to give your feedback on the various items which are being discussed in the General section of our forum here.