VCMI 0.73 - Bug reports

Added. File was to big and I didn’t notice that.

#46 - I can’t run this version, movies was played and next i got error:

	Object handler: 0
Cannot find file: ZNUMIT.MSKstring too long
		Reading config/cr_sounds.txt
		Reading config/sp_sounds.txt
Disaster happened.
Reason: 0xc0000005 - EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 001b:004B53A4
Attempt to read from 0x00000010
Thread ID: a60 [2656]
Crash info will be put in 00000370

VCMI_client.exe_crashinfo.rar (90.8 KB)

Same issue as [ I guess.

#47 - Hero on land can’t seem to open a trading screen with an adjacent hero in a boat.

Best regards,

#48 - Monsters shadow isn’t drown where there is shadow+selection color

#49 - Next Hero button selects only heroes that don’t have moving points

#50 - Monsters don’t attack when you move close to them

#51 - When one monster kills another the count of monsters doesn’t disappear for some time.

#52 - It seems morale in battle is drown somewhere on the creature, not over it.

#53 - Choosing attack side in the battle is inconvenient. I prefer the usual Heroes system.

#54 - Start a map with Castle town and all buildings in it including the Grail. Right-click some building, like the Grail, and while the message is shown move the mouse off the building. With high probability you won’t be able to click on Castle building after that. If you are, do the trick again. Here is autosave with such Castle town:

I agree that a separate thread for battle bugs/functionalities is not necessary. As for most wanted fixes/features, I made this selection (not only battle-related). It’s of course subjective, but nevertheless I hope it’ll be of some help (see also my comments below):

0.72d [[/quote]

#08 2-hex Nomads are regarded as 1-hex creature when it comes to possible movement
#10 - Resource cost for ships is not showing.
#11 - Heroes on coast can not interact with heroes on ship (like exchange, probably battles as well)
#13 - Building a ship from city - ship is placed in wrong place (2 tiles on south)
#16 Bug - harpies are not able to fly behind the other units. [size=75](I hope it’s fixed as I’ve changed a lot of code in this part of engine)[/size]
#18 Splitting stock in meeting screen and between garrisoned heroes - if you want to separate one unit from one hero stock to another hero and you push “1”, there automatically apears quantity equal 2.
#27 Ballista cannot shoot if there’s an enemy creature next to it

0.72c [
#3 Luck (Fortune) animation is too short and also too low placed. -> SAME FOR MORALE (MIRTH) ANIMATION (0.72#10)
#4 Animation sound for Fortune is not working yet. -> SAME FOR MORALE (MIRTH)

0.72 [
#10 morale animation shown on wrong place
#11 battle crashbug when trying attack from side where tile is occupied unit moves and crashing when is next to destination tile [size=75]Probably fixed in SVN but needs more testing[/size]
#17 - Attacking (2-hex) monster from behind bug,
#31 battle I don’t like that already found issue about haste/slow affection on battle movement order not yet fixed and add from my own : the queue (hotkey Q) shows even more strange info
#75 : New crash when attacking a Green Dragon that used (Wait+)Defend in the previous round.
#77 : New Crash when enemy Champions tried to attack friendly Centaurs from below.

0.70x/0.71x Bugs have been added to the Sourceforge tracker:
Behavior + Display of spells when hero lacks mana (0.71#69)
Stack amount boxes can overlap (0.7#71)

For features requests and missing functionalities there is a separate thread:
5 - (New feature request) Possibility for visiting hero to meet garrisoned hero, in order to exchange also artifacts & war machines, not only creatures.
12 - Possibility to capture enemy/neutral castles. (same as SourceForge 0.7#11)
16 - Damage calculation in battle
28 Spell damage information when we right click on the spell in the Spell Book.
37 Enter key (Main+NumPad) and Double Click to load the selected game from the New Game and Load Game interfaces.

BATTLE Priorities:

  1. Solve 2-hex creature related crashes (apparently fixed)
  2. Correct identification of creature sizes (see 0.72d#8 and 0.73#39)
  3. Correct spell animations (& sounds) - first for the most frequent of them: Mirth & Fortune
  4. Damage calculation in battle logs & Spell damage information in the spell book
  5. Overlapping stack boxes - see description for their correct placement here: [

ADVENTURE (and GENERAL) Priorities:

  1. Everything that is preventing us from fully exploring the map (like issues with gates, monoliths etc)
  2. Capturing enemy castles - so that we don’t get stuck with 1 alignment for the whole game
  3. Completion of all half-implemented features. This may be just my subjective perception, but I feel it doesn’t look good if for example you open the “buy ship” window and a main element like the required resource is missing [size=84](maybe not the best example, because this was just implemented, but you get the idea)[/size]

Just an observation: this was always reproducible only if I was using Defend, so I’m not sure if it was related to the other bugs with attack on 2-hex creatures [size=84](just in case you included it in that same category when you stroked it through)[/size]

This however can be stroked through. As seen in the attached map (attack Imps and place your troops behind obstacles), the cause is most probably what I reported above in this thread as bug #38 - Misplaced graphics for battle obstacles.
_All for One - test.h3m (28.8 KB)

Your monitor seems simply not to support such resolution in fullscreen.
I have added better handling of such situation (F4 is ignored + console complaint instead of crash).

Still not reproducible. Crash seems to occur without any specific reason on drawing one buttons. I have found however some possible problems with changing resolution, they might cause such problem (though its strange that I’m not observing them).

What actions cause crash after F4 switch?
Mouse movement? R-click on button?
Do you switch to fullscreen when in adventure map interface? Is there any difference when pressing F4 with another interface opened (eg. town window)?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Now every gate leads to nearest gate on another surface.
H3 at the beginning of game matches subterranean gates into pairs. However I’m not sure how the matching algorithm exactly works. Has anyone figured this out?

Duplicate to 0.72#41

AFAIK it is H3 behaviour. Bonuses from different/same creature alignments are not shown in hero morale modifiers, only when you click on morale in creature card window (that element is not implemented in VCMI yet)

Duplicate to 0.72c#31 and 0.72b#21.

Duplicate to 0.7#48.

Duplicate to 0.72#10.

It’s a provisional solution.
Duplicate to 0.71#51 and 0.71b#83.

It’s generally more a battle issue, because we have here a big missing functionality - town sieges. Flagging and taking over enemy castle can be quite easily implemented but I wanted rather to have these features implemented together.
We are considering adding sieges by the next release, however I’m not sure if it’s possible. There is still a huge count of battle related issues.

Many thanks for all the reports!
Now I’m focused on major changes in the GUI implementation (that will allow improvements for pregame) but when they’re done, I’ll return to fixing things :slight_smile:

Algorithm is pretty much simple. It looks something like this: game starts linking from top-most gates on the surface, connecting them to nearest unused gates underground.

Sorry, I am not very good in explaining something. :confused: I’ll attach 2 maps where this algorithm is quite easy to see.

by the way:
#55 - Spaces in the beginning of line in map description does not showing.
(in map gates-1 i’ve put some spaces, which are not present in VCMI) (6.07 KB)

#56 crash fight with gorynyches. (reproducible-attached save and dump file)
save_attack (87.3 KB)
crash_attack (145 KB)

I understand. If you prefer to implement them together, it’s fine. If it won’t work for 0.74 or 0.75 (if any), then maybe at least the possibility to flag undefended castles and/or to fight towns w/o fort would be nice. But that’s just it, a nice-to-have, not a “must”. :stuck_out_tongue: You’ll see how it better fits in your planning for the project. :wink:

Okay, I tried different combinations, so I can give more details:

  • At game start, if I hit F4 before doing anything else, the game goes in full screen, but the moment I click on the check button (or press Enter) to close the Intro Event Message box, the game crashes (always - on all maps)
  • At game start, if I first close the Intro Event Msg box, and then I hit F4, the game goes in full screen, I can hover over objects to see the tooltip text or even r-click without any problem, but the moment I try to set path to one of the heroes, the game always crashes
  • Same as above, but if I first set path to one of the heroes, and then I go to full screen, the game doesn’t crash so easily anymore. If I follow that path to a battle, the hero follows, has the battle, then I can do almost anything, except hit the Game Options button (which leads to crash). If however I set the path few tiles away where there’s no monster to battle, the hero goes there with no crash, but if I try to set a second path, the game crashes
  • 5 times in a row the game didn’t crash in Town Screen. Plus going to full screen while in Town window reduced the chance of crashes because of other actions, so also after exiting the town. For example not only could I move the heroes and have battles, but I could also open Game Options. Though the game crashed when I hit Quit to Desktop.
  • The 5 next time when I went in full screen while in Town interface, the game however crashed when I tried to build or just exit the town. :frowning:
  • When I go to battle before visiting the Town Screen, if I go to full screen mode during battle, I can hover over creatures to see info, but at the first mouse click or hotkey, the game crashes. However, after the first 5 (successful) visits of the Town screen, there were no more issues with F4 in battles afterwards.

And maybe another important note: crashes don’t occur only in full screen! They seem to be more related to the use of the F4 key. Even if I use F4 twice, so I’m back in windowed mode, the above scenarios to create or avoid the crash are reproducible same as when I was in full screen mode.

Let me know if you need logs & dmp files for any of the above scenarios.

[size=75]And unrelated:[/size]

#57 Trying to close the client with r-click/Close from the taskbar button freezes both the Client & Console windows without closing them. I waited like 5 mins and they didn’t close until I manually did it from the Task Manager. Only the Client log was updated after this crash, so it’s the only file I’m attaching below:
090810 - Close from (875 Bytes)

Yep,I think there is problem with hungapp. My game also freezes many times but crashhandler not appears and there is no dmp file. Always these kind of crashes are not reproducible. Added logs of last freez.
Freez at the begning of game when I tried to collect the ore.
And the consequence of task manager activity.

refer to crash #45 added one more set of log files, maybe it will help to find the crash reason
EDIT: I’ve noticed that it can be problem to display creatures. In previous post #45 there was no creatures displayed in status window, here are no creatures in heroes’ army.
crash_meetingscreen (193 KB) (3.32 KB)

You may try to enter “crash” command into he console to force the crash and dump report generation. In case of freezup, please also check (with Task Manager) CPU usage by VCMI processes.

Thank you very much for detailed info. I’ll make some changes that might fix the issue. It’ll have to be retested with the next build.

This time game stop working while I do something else, it also happens from time to time.
I’ve tried to enter “crash”. It didn’t work, but it dumped the memory usage from 220M to 8M.
CPU usage didn’t change. On my PC (Pentium 4 CPU 2,5GHz, 2,5GB RAM) it is: Adv.Map Screen <10,30>, Town Screen <20,30>, battle <30,40>. Memory usage start from 120M and what is interesting every round (autosave) takes about 5M more (medium map), so after 20 saves it became 220M.
EDIT:But if you switch to full screen (F4) then memory usage lower to about 18M (from ie 250M).
Another thing, when I had to close the application in task manager there were two (not one) VCMI (clients) not responding. Added logfiles after ended task.

I’ll try to keep control it during next games also on other computers.

EDIT: I’ve just left the game loaded for longer time doing something else. The game freezed one more time. Typing “crash” didn’t work, too.

#58 crash after appearing strange colors at meeting screen (maybe it is also somehow connected with crash #45.
crash_meeting screen (203 KB)
crash_meeting screen (225 KB)
crash_after strange meeting screen (195 KB)
crash_freeze (2.37 KB) (23.2 KB)

Ok, I’ve been playing beyond game limits and here’s what I got:

#59 Giving hero 99 999 999 exp from map editor prevents map from launching with no error message.
#60 Giving 99 999 999 exp from Pandora Box or Event does noting, even though all other functions work normally.
#61 On hero screen current exp is said to be always 0, even though he advanced levels normally.
#62 Crash when magic arrow with 502 spellpower hit enemy peasants
Testy1 exp.rar (2.87 KB)

I learned that tree can’t give more exp than 2^16 (old integer?), now trying to change variable types to 64 bit.

#63 No message about preventing spell casting during battle if you use “Orb of Inhibition”

#64 No info in status window if you collect guarded resources.

Handled, which leads to another bug:

#65 When gaining multiple levels at once, hero can be offered same secondary skills many times.

Duplicate to 0.72 #47 bug.

Ok guys, after updating the last build game crashes immediately after launching any map, with no error log.
The last and only package applied is Set Selection.

#66 - After selecting a spell during combat, l-click should be locked for any action other than casting.

Right now we can still access the combat menu buttons: Options/Surrender/Retreat/Auto/Scroll/Cast/Wait/Defend. None of these should be accessible while a spell is selected. And also r-clicking on any of them should not display the info box, but cancel the spell (same as r-click anywhere else); and only after cancelling the spell r-click should open the info boxes.

#67 - Spell immunities don’t seem to work (I would have thought the feature was not implemented yet, but then I saw some were reported once as fixed?):

Ice Elementals don’t have Ice immunity
Fire Elemental/Firebird/Phoenix don’t have Fire immunity
Magma/Energy/Psychic Elementals don’t have Mind spell immunity
Magic Elementals don’t have any Spell immunity

#68 - Incorrect display of the mouse cursor during enemy’s turn in battle (frozen shaded hex i/o mobile arrow)

VCMI: - Cursor disappears, leaving a frozen shaded hex (until enemy ends their movement)
H3: - Cursors changes to an arrow, which can still move during enemy’s turn; and there’s no shaded hex on the battlefield during enemy’s turn