VCMI 0.72c - development version

We don’t want do alter original WoG descriptions. Instead of that I’ve modified Badge of Courage bonuses to follow WoG description (blocks only hostile mind spells). It’s a little change to game mechanics IMHO making sense.

[However hero list order is not stored when saving game, it’s known issue.]

Current formula gives 1/24 chance per +1 luck (up to 1/8 with +3 modifier). Which AFAIK follows H3.




I’ll leave it without changes for now.

I’m unable to find graphics of grayed out slider arrows.
Has anyone seen them?

We’ve used formula given in Strategija (pp. 22 - 24, link here: )

It’s somewhat random, if creature is set to “aggresive” its internal “mood” level set randomly to 1 - 10. It’s a big spread, so there is possibility that creatures will be as aggresive as if they were set to “savage” in editor, but they may also be “friendly”.
Depends on luck.
So, I see no bug here. (unless the H3 and VCMI behaviour is always different?)



I’ll make big changes to pregame (Main menu screens, scenario/save selection, etc) soon after 0.73 is released. Then I’ll fix pending issues and add many of the missing ones.
This code is very old (written for VCMI 0.2) and should receive big changes.

I’m not observing this, maybe was fixed somehow.
Btw, VCMI gives currently 40 - 90 exp points. Have you observed higher/lower values in H3?


The snow version of the Subterranean Gate is causing problem. WIll be fixed by 0.73.


Can’t open, save format has been changed :frowning:

Is this different from H3 behaviour?

Makes sense indeed… I never much liked the artifacts that give “resistance” to benefic spells on friendly troops anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

If my understanding is correct, the remaining bug is not such a bad thing for the time being: we can check whenever we load if the newly recruited heroes are ordered correctly as per alignment. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL :smiley: - Dilbert rocks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I still have some doubts/questions regarding the way it’s (supposed to be) implemented:

a) Does “up to 1/8 with +3 modifier” mean Expert Luck makes Luck bonuses from artifacts & fountains obsolete? Theoretically it doesn’t make much sense, but if that’s how H3 implemented it, there’s not much I can say (but we still need to make sure that’s how it was in H3)

b) But even with the “up to 1/8” rule I had a hero with Expert Luck (+ another 3 bonus luck from artifacts/fountains - if that matters at all) who got only once luck in 3 rounds for a full army. As Luck should kick in for retaliations as well, on a 7 creatures army, all attacking + some retaliating, it means at least 1 lucky hit per round. It can be that I missed one of the VCMI (very) short luck animations at some point, but I doubt it… I’ll keep a closer look it. I’m suspicious because same as spell damage was implemented using correct values on the paper, but in VCMI it got tripled somehow, it can be that you started from the correct values to implement this, but for some reason it doesn’t work like as desired just yet. I’ll keep a closer look at it.

c) And lastly - just a wild assumption based on the behavior I (subjectively) noticed in H3 : Could it be that NWC implemented a more complex formula, to give a higher chance that Luck kicks in at least once during the first round for a full army? For example - in case of Basic Luck (1/24) - something like double the chance for Luck to occur during the first 12 chanced of the 24? As said - just a wild guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll see if I have time to prepare/test some special study cases, but I’m curious of your feedback on the above until then…

Any chance a tech-n00b like me would be able to find them, if told at least where to start looking for them? :stuck_out_tongue: :blush:

After trying to reproduce it in a test map (really identical hero/army/stats/terrain/etc) without success, I agree that this is most probably a non-issue. Btw, thanks for the link - lots of useful/interesting H3 details in that .pdf :wink:

Looking forward to the big changes. :slight_smile: - Though probably they’re mainly at code level, so I won’t see much on my side. :stuck_out_tongue:

The VCMI values are indeed correct. No idea why I had the feeling I’ve seen others as well. But I retested now 10 restarts on a 8-hero test map (so 80 checks) and the extreme min/max were 40 & 90.

Regarding the bug, I’ll have to check in 0.72d with the same map (to see if it’s either fixed, or there’s sth about that custom map causing it)

I’ve opened it in my 0.72c. The bug is obvious: +50% Growth bonus for all creatures, as if he would have the Grail (probably he didn’t notice it’s exactly +50% because some of them were also influenced by hoard buildings). The Castle interface was displaying the correct growths according to Castle upgrade + hoard buildings, but at week start he was also getting the Grail bonus - i.e.: 53 Imps (30+8+15) i/o 38, 3 Devils i/o 2, etc. I’m not sure if it’ll help, but I’m attaching here the logs I got after playing his saved game.

This needs to be monitored in 0.72d/0.73 I guess, as we don’t know if the bug was general, or triggered by one particular action taken during the game.

That could be indeed a small mistake from the map editor. The only way to check it is by loading it in H3 as well.

@ Boulie : Could you please say which map were you testing? And if it’s a custom one, could you either test it in H3 or attach it to a post?

@ Tow : (Hope I’m not getting annoying with this) :stuck_out_tongue: This reminds me again of my suggestion to have the Scenario Information implemented sooner rather than later (it’s somewhere in the Missing features thread). You never know when a tester might come back to give further information like on which map a bug was found, but with the saved game anyone of us could have identified the map and check if it’s a map issue or a bug. :wink:
0.72c - Grail growth without (2.77 KB)

This problem is general. I’ve attached save with other map (ver 0.72c if someone can still open it) and also I’ve noticed it before.
@Zamolxis - i’ve noticed it’s as there was grail built but I did not want to suggest what can cause the problem because I wasn’t sure.

I’ll check it later. The map name is “Island King” (attached)
Already checked. It’s map bug.Sorry,my mistake.* (155 KB)
Island King.h3m (35.1 KB)

Page 44 of the HoMM3 manual lists the effects of luck. A luck of 1 should give a 4.2% for maximum damage, a luck of 2 should give 8.3%, and a luck of 3 should give 12.5%. That’s 1/24, 1/12, and 1/8 respectively.

I’m pretty sure that that’s how luck was implemented in HoMM3, there are no additional benefits if luck>3. Higher luck will probably work as a buffer against the Misfortune spell (i.e., having a luck of 5 means that an enemy could cast expert misfortune on your troops, which reduces their luck by 2, and you’ll still have the full effect of maximum luck). I haven’t actually checked that though.

That makes luck a “weak” skill, which is the reason why it has been buffed by WoG’s script48 (“Enhanced secondary skills”), which adds a minor increase to attack and defense of 1-3 stacks based on your luck skill.

It’s not impossible, but I doubt it, it seems unnecessarily complicated and even if implemented that way, there’s no reason not to inform the player about it. The theory also doesn’t conform to my own observations when playing the game, although I have to say that I never monitored the luck effect closely. That’s not to say that there aren’t any hidden effects on luck - I wouldn’t rule out a hidden game difficulty modifier that boosts AI luck chances, for example -, but it wouldn’t be easy to track down. We’d need a testbed and keep tabs - so far we’re both only presenting anecdotal evidence, and personal impressions can easily be mislead by our minds’ tendency to focus on unexpected or special results.


It was case only on RoE/AB maps, that’s why I thought it had been already fixed.

It works on SoD/WoG maps. RoE/AB map formats doesn’t make this possible, they use only one value for hero experience and it’s set to 0 if exp is not initialized. Then we cannot say if experience is 0 because it was set to 0 or because it was not set at all.


I think it’ll be possible after new pregame is done. In the current save format the map name and description is at the beginning (after ~24 initial bytes) of vlgm1 file, it can be read quite easily.

There is also another factor making luck a “weak” skill, when compared to Leadership.
Negative morale can cause stack to loose it’s turn. Moreover, the chance for it is 1/12 per -1 point (max -3 penalty applies), so it’s twice “stronger” than positive morale/luck effect.
The negative luck effect was originally planned by NWC but for some reason this idea has been abandoned. There are several texts in game that mentions that negative luck can cause stack to deal only the half of damage.
Maybe this effect would make Misfotune spell a reasonable choice in battle. Now I never use it and I don’t think it has any sense. There are practically always better alternatives.







Fixed by Onion Knight.

Fixed more or less. Applied original fonts to Marketplace window.




Fixed (but please test in the next release if in all cases).