Using VCMI

I have only found out about WOG and This site yesterday , needless to say i ended up playing WOG all last night :slight_smile:
A couple of quick questions?
To test your version do i simply boot the VCMI CLIENT? AlsoHow do i increase screen resolution?

Yes. It’s described on main page with every release. It’s also in the manual and in a dozen of identical threads. You really don’t need to start new one.

There is a manual ? IF you provide a link i will read that and stop asking stupid questions ( i think there should be a link from the download page to the manual as that was the only easy thing to find on this site).
Honestly it took me a while to even work out what this project was about , all i knew was it was related to heroes 3 so i have been reading and reading but all the information seems scattered ( maybe its just to me)

Sorry i have been stuck in the forum , i only just realised there was a WIKI section.