Should I play VCMI over the original?

So I just heard about this VCMI project via a Wikipedia link today. It sounds like an incredible undertaking! Stumbling here with little knowledge however leaves me wondering if I would actually want to play it in its current state as opposed to just playing the original and its expansions.

I looked through the spreadsheet that outlines what spells, abilities, ect are missing and it left me wondering: what exactly is new/improved?

For simply playing skirmishes/custom games/non-campaign what advantages does VCMI have over the originals? Is it not so much what it currently has, but more what it WILL have?

Again, awesome work on everything!

Thanks for being interested in our project!

Unfortunately, we are still in testing phase and the game isn’t really playable yet. It lacks AI and network multiplayer and the engine is still relatively buggy. I think we need at least one year to make VCMI playable.

Almost nothing at the moment (only support for higher resolutions and stack queue). We got rid of many limitations of WoG but to make use of it we need to develop completely new mods.

The primary goal of VCMI is to develop an easily moddable Heroes III engine. Since we haven’t implemented mod support yet, the main advantage will come in the future.