[New Town Mod] Refugee


the essence of the city in a unit of neutrals or is there a general idea?


@Macron1 Yeah I forgot that you could use PNGs like you told me on the HeroesCommunity’s forum. Do you know where I could find any documentation of how to implement those visuals in the mod? I’ve downloaded every GrayFace’s tools but I do not know which one I’ll need to do that.

@zerg That town looks nice, I didn’t knew about this one! I’d say that the Town’s concept was initially based on neutral units & the “refugee” map objects we could find. But then I thought about adding more conceptual elements such as:

  • Some middle eastern influences (heroes & town names/visuals; lvl7 unit is from persian mythology and its dwelling is based on door to hell, rogue/nomads share those M.E influences),

  • Nomadism (synergy between rogues & nomads - rogues have spy talents & nomads decrease rough terrains penalties, heroes have talents and bonus that are coherent with nomadism),

  • Neutral alignment & Motley armies (units are different from each others but those difference are their strongs, heroes should’ve bonuses that will reduce penalty of having units from different factions - but you might have to build a specific building or something else I didn’t thought of yet).


Here’s example of town mod which uses png files instead of defs.
Mod is for VCMI 0.97 and can be non-playable under 0.99+ versions but schemas remain the same.


Is there any screenshots or video presentation of this mod available somewhere?

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Oh, this version should be playable under daily builds: https://h3vcmi.slack.com/files/U4ZASNDA7/FJTUDDVQQ/necro-mod.rar


2 for the price of 1

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I played a while with your town. It has lots of minor bugs (missing commas in heroes jsons). Quick thoughts.

  • Level 4 building has too much mercury for build. Playing in hard+ difficulty level, it lasts too long to gather enough mercury to build unupgraded buiding.
  • Creatures have too many abilities. In vanilla H3, flying or shooting was ‘ability’ and it was enough for given creature. In the other hand, Peasants are weakest creature in h3, so maby super strong sharpshooters give good job for balance? Don’t know…

@misiokles The buildings costs are Cathedral’s mod vanilla values (I didn’t changed anything yet), but I remember having the same issue with mercury. If nobody’s interested in working on the building costs then I might do it soon.

About balancing, most of the town’s units are GROUND/MELEE and are kind of slow so that’s why I decided to add abilities to few creatures but yeah, that might’ve been too much lol. Some creatures are from WoG and I just kept their abilities while changing their stats but I didn’t thought of modifying abilities. Here’s a list of the units and their abilities:

Units abilities
  • Level 1 (Nrm): -
  • Level 1 (Upg): Visions (Map skill)
  • Level 2 (Nrm): -
  • Level 2 (Upg): Sand Walker (Map skill)
  • Level 3 (Nrm): Shoot, NoPenalty (Distance & Melee)
  • Level 3 (Upg): +Ranged retaliation
  • Level 4 (Nrm): Flying, Shoot, Cast(Disease/Weakness)
  • Level 4 (Upg): Shoot, Casts (x6 spells, random)
  • Level 5 (Nrm): Non-living, MagicRes(85%)
  • Level 5 (Upg): Non-living, MagicRes(95%)
  • Level 6 (Nrm): Fireshield, Dragon Breath, Immunity(Fire)
  • Level 6 (Upg): +Immunity(Mind), DeathStare
  • Level 7 (Nrm): Teleports, Immunity(Mind), CastsAfterAttack50% (Sorrow/Misfortune), SelfMorale, Fearless
  • Level 7 (Upg): +Fear

Then we could remove some abilities that might be “too much”:

  • Lvl3 Unit: Sharpshooter (Nrm) won’t have the ‘NoPenaltyMelee’ ability and Sharpshooter (Upg) will no longer be able to perform ‘RangedRetaliation’.
  • Lvl6 Unit: No more Dragon Breath.
  • Lvl7 Unit: No more Self morale.

@zerg Are you familiar with H3 sprites creation? Is there a way you could work on a new upgrade for Nomads and/or rogues? I’m not entirely satisfied with the actual units roster of the town and if we could replace peasants & boars that would be cool!


I’m busy a bit with this right now

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hats off sir :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


if you need these files tell i will give


I really like your idea of having a gold/diamond-colored tubes for the dwelling to fits with the town’s creatures. There are few errors that will need to be fixed (as seen below) but it still looks way better than what I did !

The next step after completing the town screen would be to work on adding some animations to it. The Tower’s Golem Factory has animations sprites that we could reuse. Is there a way you could also work on this?

Tower-GolemFactory-sprites.rar (234,0 Ko)

By the way, here is the last-to-date WIP town screen. The missing buildings are: Grail, Horde(1) and 3 Specials buildings. Also, I have made the ressources costs and unlocking tree and it’s already implemented in the mod.

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easier to redo the def that is used in the cityDef.7z (56.2 KB)
i can make any of them as you need




I used your files for the making of the Town’s Golem Factory but I wasn’t able to take the diamond part because it didn’t mixed well with the rest of the town screen. As you can see below, I made the animations with Photoshop and I put them in the composition.

I made animations for Dwelling(6) as well and I’m gonna work on Dwelling(7) right now.


the most important thing that helped you

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Yeah that was helpful! The Golem Factory looks way better know thanks to you!

Though, any idea of how to import the visuals into the game precisely? I’ll obviously need to export every set of buildings in PNG but I saw that some files have several pictures in it (is it for the hall screen?).

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Animation in heroes3 are stored in .def files. There’s tool for easy making defs, but defs don’t support png files only bmp, with 8-bit colours and cyan background. For animations in png you must create fake def and override it wih json containing list of animation files.


What is the news?

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