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Thanks but no. I was hoping that you have all wog graphics extracted somewhere. Looking for the two swords (ace level) in cprsmall frames displayed in hero army screen.

That swords are not pictures. They are text with special font (verd10b.fnt & “smalfont.fnt” in WoG LOD). If U need pictures, just do export with font editor from ERA Tools.

Aaa! that’s why I couldn’t find them anywhere, got crazy searching. Now it explains all, thanks a bunch.

Here is it, in case someone else will need it in the future.

Looking into github, I saw commits adding “isBigArtefact” and “isTradableArtefact”.
I suggest also to add field “isQuestArtefact”. So Seer Hut must only give quests for arts that have this field set (in classic game there not all artefacts can be asked by seer, as I remember.

Hello. Anybody please help! I search for json file which can modify heroes starting army type. For example : change Tamika starting army to black knights . In bitmap.lod we can modify only quantity for each slot but not creature type. its very important option, please answer who knows. Thanks!

Hero army is directly described in hero format in config/heroes files. In VCMI you don’t modify .lod files.

Also we have dedicated thread (and boatd) for modding questions.

Idea for future builds related to HMM7 secondary skill mechanics.
In addition of chance getting skills

	"secondarySkills" :
		"pathfinding"  : 3.
		"archery"      : 6.
		"resistance"   : 5,
		"firstAid"     : 4


	"secondarySkillsLevel" :
		"pathfinding"  : 1,
		"archery"      : 2,
		"resistance"   : 1,
		"firstAid"     : 3

This will mean maximum level of skill gained through random skills select on level-up on on trees of knowledge etc.
If skill is not listed in “secondarySkills”, it will be ignored.
If skill is not listed in “secondarySkillsLevel”, than it will be set to 3 by default (if in future modding system will allow to mod secondary skills and to add more levels of mastery, it would be changed).

I suggest adding ‘Immune to ammo cart’ ability to creatures, that would allow creating units which can be for example mixed ranged/melee with 2 shots.

Two suggestions:

  1. Is there possibility to make VCMI port of Morn Battlefields Era mod?
    It would be great addon, due to outstanding visuals with no game mechanic interferences. As far I know I can’t see any vcmi commands to rewrite this mod by myself. So maybe some new functionalities in future versions to allow that?

  2. What do you think about new splash screens with total integration of whole Heroes3 parts? I mean: launch game->New game->New campaign and then we have multiple buttons: ROE, AB, SoD, WoG, HotA, HEROES CRONICLES and customs campaigns. User could edit appropiate json file and add a patch to specific folder or lod file (anywhere on local hard drive) containing specific campaigns to cross with appropiate campaign button.

Wall of Text

First step in modding is being able to make readable paragraphs.

I dont know what’s so hard to read. Friends of mine who are not English natives were able to read this “wall of text”. Anyway, thank you for your ‘help’ and have a good day

My idea of a town - If someone can make a town to import (preferably into hota or sod/complete)

Town: Alcazar town (based on the neutral units)
Heroes: Nomads (strength) and Gypsies (magic)
Units: Halfling, Rogue, Nomad, Sharpshooter, Troll, Enchanter, Rust Dragon (levels 1-7)

optional extra stuff
backdrop - based on the background of the neutral units, a wasteland sort of thing, include a small forest for the sharpshooter and enchanter dwellings, a river for the troll dwelling
bio - based on the wandering travelers, a town based on the roughness of the land
other - the units dont need upgrades (optional) as long as they fit in with the citadel population increase and adjusted suitable costs

I thought this would be very cool, and would like to see it

Yes, you could make a town - if you have spare 3 years and are both talented 3D artists and writer.

Good luck!

Not sure how to make the town or what editors to use, already have the concept and images and i dont need to create any units or images, just need to know how to actually create the town.
If anyone who has made one of the dozen custom towns ive seen (cove, fairy, abyss, gods… etc) can point me in the direction of how to make the town into the game would be helpful (spent a couple days looking and i haven’t found how to make a town into the game, or find a town editor.
So any help/advice on doing that would be appreciated.

The easiest way to learn how to add a new town in VCMI is dowloading existing new town and view and studying all files in it. You must have: notepad++ to view json files, defViewer to view def files and any graphic software to view bmp and pcx files. But it’s better to start to learn how mods work at small mods, like Mountain Dwarf mod. You can make it, we can help you :stuck_out_tongue:

I propose to add more RPG-like features to artfacts modding.
Such is entry “requirements” in artifact configuration.
This field is voluntary, if not exists, than artifact use is non-limited.
If requirements are set, artifact will not be allowed to placed in “slots” places (maybe it also be drawn with some half-transparent red box on it).

Example of full “requirements” setting:

"alignment":"evil"],  //can be "evil","good","neutral",
"affinity":"might"], //can be "might","magic"
"class":"deathKnight"],  //list of classes that can use artifact
"gender":"male"],  //list of genders "male","female",     "neither","both":-) joking
      "defence":5,   //if hero's defence <5, than he/she cannot use artifact
 "secondarySkills":   //skill and level of it required to use item


"heroLevel":10,  //level of hero to use art
"experience":10000 //qulity of experience gained required


Each field is voluntary, of cause
What do you think of it?

The pair of days will suffice :smiley:
Monsters bank and google picture search will be enough.

Sounds quite good. It’s fresh idea for overpowered artifacts like Angel Wings. It will be no use to get rid of them from the map, but will be harder to use them. I like it.

I’m starting to search monster banks over the internet and try to gather 17 upgrade’able units and give them new town from Another Rampart mod. But, it’s not so easy and still, lots of missing graphics will be needed to polish it!

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