Missing features & functionalities


95. How about implementation creatures abilities i.e. vampire lords draining life. Is there any list for creatures special abilities implementation status. Should we report this in Mantis?

I’m not sure if there is such a list. Some creature abilities are already implemented, though I don’t know if they are all supposed to work already. I’d wait for a confo from Tow or TowDragon before reporting them on Mantis. Especially these days - until the 0.75 release - I’d focus mainly on finding crash bugs, so that we have a pretty stable public release (if we go public…). :->

EDIT: Alternatively, if it makes you more comfortable that you won’t forget, you can always create a report, but mark it as ‘feature’ and mention it’s actually of low priority in the description.

Yes, I get it. It isn’t urgent, I’ve just asked because I had battle with vampires so to not forget about it. :wink:

Certain abilities are implemented, other aren’t. There in no list if them, some abilities are marked to be implemented in code, some in commit descriptions. Please don’t report abilities that don’t work if you are not sure it should work (ie. you looked into the code or it worked in previous versions). But please report abilities that work wrong (eg. minotaur’s always +1 morale or more makes him always +3 or makes him deal no damage).

96. (NEW) Suggestion for a cheat which may help with testing: Remove the restriction of 1 construction/day in towns.

97. (NEW) Possibility to set EXTENDED PATHS for our hero, by considering both map levels, and perhaps even Monoliths or other teleporting structures.

This could be done for example by using the CTRL key (or ALT, or SHIFT). By holding the key while we click on a Subterranean Gate to set a path, not only would the path be set, but we would be taken automatically to the other exit of the gate (provided that was previously explored), and we would be able to further set that path, including correct calculation of necessary days to get somewhere.

And the above can be implemented in two possible ways (whichever you believe it’s more practical or easier to code):

  • either after we are taken to the other side of the gate, we can lift the CTRL and only ESC or selecting another hero/town would take us out of the “set path” mode,
  • or we can have it that we are in “set path” mode only while we hold the certain key (and removing the hold would recenter on our hero, or take us back to the entry of the gate for which we have set the first path).

98. Implement VICTORY CONDITIONS, so that we can complete a scenario.

99. (NEW) Implement CONTINUE PLAYING, after the Victory Conditions are met. This could be particularly useful for testing, however there are games which had such feature implemented also in the final product. For example in Civilization, after the victory conditions are met, the player gets a choice message, asking if he/she wants to continue playing (for the sake of completing exploring the map, defeating all enemies, etc).

Quite a long time ago Tow told me it’s the feature planned for the next release, so I believe it’s on its way :wink:

Thanks to Valery19:

100. CONSOLE “WHISPERS”, aka private messages to one of the other players, through the use of the F1-F8 keys.

In Single Player this is pretty redundant, and we anyway get “???” if we try to send the message to anyone but ourselves (as tested in WoG):

However in MultiPlayer we can see to whom the message was sent:

I don’t know if this was discussed in some other thread. The omission here looks like elephant in the room.

101. What about Random Map???

The button is present in new game menu, but if you hit it - you’re going to the wrong menu - list of scenarios. Is it some proprietary issue and the button is there by mistake? Or it is just not implemented yet. But why it isn’t mentioned?

Maybe I’ve installed it the wrong way or using it the wrong way? I did unpack vcmi_075 in the wog directory and started vcmi_client.exe.

Your installation is fine. :slight_smile: Random Map generator is just not implemented yet.

The reason why it’s not mentioned in this thread, is because we are not trying to identify here everything that it’s missing. We know about the big parts missing: Campaigns, Multiplayer, RMG. So no need to discuss them just yet.

Currently we are in the process of developing only the Single Player - Single Scenarios part of the game. Once that is done, the development will move further. But until then, we are trying trying to identify here what else related to Single Player (for standard scenarios) is still missing. Check the ITEM IMPLEMENTATION STATUS lists (all 5 tabs). Everything still marked with “0”, is not yet implemented, but we are aware of it. So for now the most relevant reports in this thread would be of Single Player items which may have been left out (not implemented and not yet on our list).

I’m gonna give your report a log number for the record, but it’s something for a later stage of the project. Until then, you can always use the H3 RMG to create random maps, and then move them to the Maps folder, if you want to use them for VCMI testing.

Thank you for quick response.
I’ve looked at this spreadsheet and didn’t find any mention of mithril. Any plans on implementing this WOG feature?

BTW, I also was thinking about 3 level map. For instance, add “heavens” level. - The discussion about the 3 level map has been moved to the Modding suggestions topic. (Zamolxis)

Mithril has been discussed many times and we’ll add it sooner or later - but not before exam session ends I suppose :->

102. (NEW) Quest Log enhancements:

I’m not sure what you mean by “better display”, but I see where you go with the minimap and it’s indeed a good idea, if implemented right. Let’s give them sub-codes 102.a. (QL enhanced display) & 102.b. (QL minimap). And here is another request from ChinaBlue @ CH which I think it’d be very practical if it can be implemented in VCMI:

102.c. Click on a quest in the log to take us straight to the corresponding seer’s hut/quest guard.

How about adding missing features that are generally acceptable to Mantis? I leave it to moderators to decide what really is ‘acceptable’ and in what form.

I agree. Actually I already wanted to do that, but again, didn’t manage yet due to lack of time. I’ll see at the end of this week. If there’ll be no new release for February 1st to focus on, I’ll probably scan the forums for things that could be added to Mantis (like lost bug reports or feature requests from this thread).

I tried to gather all essential, optional and requested features in one place so things would be easier to manage. Also, now if someone asks “what can I do”, there is one place to direct him.

On the other hand, if any of you is working on / interested in particular feature, please write down your name so it will be clear to estimate the progress and easier to contact person responsible for certain part.


Good idea. I think it would be a good idea to move item implementation status from google docs to our wiki too, but it would be quite time-consuming.

@Warmonger: Great job. It’s probably better to have them there than on Mantis. Not only did I not manage to find the time to log them in there, but I was also a bit worried that I’d flood Mantis with all the missing features, while we already have over 200 open items. So it might get too cumbersome for devs to browse through them all (though if that is not an issue, let me know, and I can still do it… if I get one day the time - but won’t be anytime soon).

Boulie’s note #1152 attached to Mantis report #526 gave me an idea. There he suggested that we implement drag & drop in the spell book, so that the ALT + 1, 2, 3… (first) shortcuts can be associated with our favorite spells. And then he took it even further suggesting that the shortcuts would work also w/o opening the spell book. While I like the idea, it feels pretty difficult to implement, plus I see small risks of having the spell book ending up looking a bit chaotic…

But perhaps we can have this as alternative:

103.(NEW) In the VCMI Options (to be implemented) menu, which will probably look at least at some level like the WoG one (tabs for different categories), we could have a tab dedicated to spells. Among different options, a section of that tab page could be dedicated to hotkey assignments. Once the user made hotkey assignments, he/she could cast them (if applicable) during battles w/o having to open the spell book to look for them.

I prefer to have it customizable like this, rather than VCMI forcing some hotkeys which may be less intuitive for some players as compared to others.