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^Very intersting. Still looking forward to proper object support :unamused:

Why can’t you do this on your own and distribute complete mod?


Hi, I just ported Macron’s Balancer program to Python, all previous issues should be fixed now.

How to use it?
Via command prompt:

  1. Open command prompt and set working directory same as path to this script
  2. Type name of the script or just drop it over cmd
  3. Drag and drop valid JSON file
    You also can specify many files by repeating step 3. but remember to separate them by space.

Via dragging and dropping files as well as folders with JSONs over script icon.

Any encountered bug please report to my priv.

EDIT: fixed buggy replacing min\max fields
EDIT2: added possibility to drop files and\or folders with JSONs over script icon
EDIT3: fixed wrong parsing few cases
Macron’s (5.63 KB)


Macron1 - you can give here the exact mathematical equation/formulas how to calculate AI/Fight values? It would simplfy some things :slight_smile:


Hi, after few days of coding I’ve eventually finished a script in Python, which (I hope :slight_smile: will help you to convert most (if not all :slight_smile: of H3 random map templates to compatible with VCMI JSONs.

To use it simply drag and drop H3 RMG templates over script icon.

Edit: Now it is possible to parse a file with multiple templates.
Edit: Fixed bug when OH3 template doesn’t contain monster strength in single zone.
Edit: Now script can properly parse multiple portals per one connection (sth. like: “a”:“1,2”)
Edit: Uploaded new version which works with Python 3.5.1
H3 RMG (5.08 KB)
H3 RMG (5.08 KB)


What did I do wrong?


I’m not sure about Linux, but for windows should work smoothly.

Hmm, perhaps different Python versions? I based on Python 2.7.11 and this template has been parsed without problems, but before downgrading Python try clues described in script.
Also you can use script via cmd, so if something would go wrong you will see output.

Btw. does it happen for every template you’re trying to convert?

Edit: yeah, seems like version incompatibilities.


Sweet Baby Jesus! It works! (yeap, it was version incompatibilities). Here’s the random map generated under Around A Marsh template. Now the ball is at Warmonger’s site to write better objects randomization :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think, this site will be soon borgizied ;]


I’m glad to hear that :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ve found a problem.
When I try to convert (for example this rmg) everything is ok, but…! Original template is for 2 players, and for M-L-XL maps. Converted json is only for first map size - M. L and XL templates remain unconverted.


Well, this is an intended behaviour, check note inside script :slight_smile:


Ah, now I see! Silly me!


Good job! Unfortunatelly I use Python 3 so can’t run teh script atm.

Feel free to make any template packs (including OH3 templates) and I will upload them to server.


Ok, I’ve improved a bit my script, so it’s now possible to parse single file with more than one template, also some bugs have been resolved (I hope :).

Now it is not, this shouldn’t happen anymore.

Updated version is here.


Thanks to Kantor and his script, we managed to convert all standard H3 templates and HD mod tempaltes as well. Here’s the mod:
Unpack it to your My Games/vcmi/mods/vcmi/mods/defaultTemplates/mods directory and make sure that additional submods are enables in launcher (look for submods under vcmi mod).

It’s hard to test it, but console eats all jsons very fine.
Know issues:

  • creating XL+U random maps with 8 players and some mods enables - causes crash
  • creating maps with 7 players also crashes (randomly) game and still are conditions that won’t allow to create maps.


Hard to tell without details.

Could be, map options are still far from perfect.


I’ve noticed that as well, but I’m quite sure that crash doesn’t happen for every attempt of map creation. Anyway I’ll try to catch some of that bugs and report them in mantis.

Btw. great job :slight_smile: Did you converted some of that russian templates as well?


All of them! It’s in HD mod templates pack, because hd mod uses almost all of them.


I’ve rearranged Macron1 & Fred79’s mod, fixed some bugs and made fred’s objects to appear in map editor. Now editor looks like that:

Unfortunatelly, such test map can’t be opened in game (game crashes) :frowning: In random maps this mod works but RMG algorithms take these objects in very chaotic ways (Mine submod even breaks rmg generation).

But I think this tool will be very handy for further mapmakers. And still lofs of Freds objects wait to be configured…

Here’s the link: …

This mod was tested only for proper work in map editor (not quality, masks, etc…)



But there are some general issues. Using vcmi map format be careful with mod identifiers (=mod directory name) - they are used inside map data. Once used they should not be renamed rearranged etc.


Also decorative objects should work with both HEAD and PR200, you can test them in vcmi.